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Comment Might make sense in a weird way (Score 0) 510

If you discard the "crippleware" remark at the end, it could almost make sense form a monopoly point of view. (and no, I did not RTFA)

- The iPod is the leading player on the market
- The iPod only plays Apple's flavor of DRM'ed music files
- Apple is the only one providing this particular file format from its own music store
ergo Apple is trying to build a monopoly for its music store through its iPod players.

Now that could barely make sense to me ONLY if the iPod had supported WMA and Apple decided to remove it later on, to enforce some kind of shady monopoly afterwards, where people are enslaved to the iPod and you force them to use iTunes-provided AAC. As it stands, the player never played anything else than what it plays today, and it won on its own merits (or on the media hype around it, take your pick). Their was no illegal maneuvers that I can see in that.
The only thing you might say is that Apple should open up its DRM format for the sake of compatibility, so that other players can play the same files (and I don't know if there is any legal backing to that kind of demand, IANAL).


Submission + - Steve Jobs WWDC keynote

Denis Troller writes: Steve Job unveiled some news about the future of Leopard and the iPhone in its WWDC keynote on monday:

- Games are coming to the Mac. EA announced a series of games, and ID software gave a quick demo of their engine running on MacOS. ID said there would be more at E3.

- The features of Leopard are basically as presented last year. No mention of ZFS, even when presenting Time Machine (which seems to be a backup solution on a separate hard drive)

- The Finder gets an updated look, with a unified theme (no more inconsistent looks throughout the system) and complete integration of Spotlight (even with Time Machine, alloing a spotlight search to be browse across time). The Finder now sports "Quick Look", a system-wide preview system for any kind of files (through plugins) that tie in with a "cover flow" (a la iTunes) new folder view, and with iChat, allowing to preview any file in iChat as part of a videoconfenence.

- The iPhone WILL have third party apps, through Safari and AJAX. Those apps can feature the iPhone look and tie in with phone functionnality (demo of a corporate ldap based contact manager which can place phone calls).

- Safari will be available for Windows XP & Vista. A beta version is downloadable from Apple's website. This might be more a way to allow Windows developper to test their iPhone app than anything else.

Check out (or your favourite mac lore-mongering website) for a complete feature list.

Submission + - Wikipedia as a political battleground

Denis Troller writes: "During the French debate between the two presidential contestants on TV thursday 04/03, among other discussions, Segolene Royal asked her rival if he new what generation the EPR (Europeean Pressurized Reactor). "Fourth", was Nicolas Sarkozy's answer, which Segolene Royal corrected saying "you're wrong, it's third".

The issue at hand is not the trivia exchanged by the condidates, but the fact reported by the French journal "Liberation" [liberation, in french].

Under a few hours, the french EPR page on wikipedia underwent a succession of changes (about 50), Sarkozy's supporters trying to mask their candidate's mistake, and Segolene's trying to maintain the correct information. An interesting twist on wikipedia's open modification scheme and the growing usage of "online medium" for political campaigning, be it in France or in the US (see Obama's MySpace "scandal" on that matter)."

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