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Comment Re: Absence?! (Score 1) 595

Right... But I'm lucky to still have one public IP let alone another. End users can barely get IPs. What few you get have to go through hassles of justification and extra fees. I think I'd rather live in a world where it's common place to just hand people a swath of IPs.

Comment Re:Absence?! (Score 5, Informative) 595

Right now - quite a bit - there are all sorts of mechanism that have to be worked around. Every spend any time troubleshooting SIP? Do you know why nobody does direct media?

Ever wonder why file transfers in instant messaging apps either work intermittently or perform slowly?

Ever see the layers of complexity we've built to do our best to work around such issues: STUN, UPNP, NAT-PT, ICE, ALGs... It's layers upon layers of cruft. ...and we haven't even gotten to the real horror of so called "carrier-grade" NAT yet... Eg) NAT behind NAT.

The prospects are awful.

The fact anything works at all is a testament to... something... ...but it is not a solid solution. It was a stop-gap measure that should have been discarded long away.

Comment Re:ISP Availability (Score 1) 595

My source of sadness for years. I whine about this regularly. I know of no Canadian ISP doing proper native IPv6... Instead I have to rely on tunnels.

I was chatting with TekSavvy but they only provide a single /64 - I would like more than one subnet.

They're also only doing it no their DSL services which are substantially slower than I can get from Shaw.

It seems my only option is to hurry up and wait longer.

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