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Submission + - Overzealous lawyers and DMCA notices on YouTube

An anonymous reader writes: ThoughtFix of got smacked with a DMCA notice from YouTube this morning stating that Nokia Corporation claimed copyright to his Nokia N800 Dissection video. He composed the video himself — it just showed off a Nokia product. It does not show any proprietary IP that any competitor can't get simply by grabbing an N800 off the shelves. Even the photos of the dissection are still up.

Imagine the slippery slope here. If they can take down videos because their product appears in the content, every clothing manufacturer will be totally rich by suing people for royalties for wearing their designs. Every musical instrument maker will be amazingly wealthy for suing bands for videos of performances with their gear.

Comment The Consumers Will Decide (Score 1) 127

I wrote a huge editorial on this subject and what happens when Windows, Linux, and even Apple enter the UMPC market. The summary: When there is competition on any platform, the consumers end up the big winners. There is room in the market for all three platforms and the competition will push the backers of each to adopting this platform more.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Who wins in an OS war? Consumers.

An anonymous reader writes: ThoughtFix, a guy who runs a couple blogs on Internet Tablets and Ultra-Mobile PCs went ahead and wrote an editorial about how Linux tablets will effect the ultra-mobile market. Basically: The big winner in an OS war on devices is clear: the consumer wins.

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