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Comment Re:Don't do it! (Score 1) 383

When was the last time you saw, outside of manga/anime or more obscure science fiction novels, somebody putting their brain in a jar, and putting that jar in a non-humanoid body?

I think that's the only place where you would typically see this. This concept reminds me of the cymeks in the Dune prequel series. I do see your point though. Who among us wouldn't want to trade our bodies in for a huge hexapodal machine capable of space flight?

Submission + - Terminator Sparrows? (

AstroPhilosopher writes: In a move not far removed from the model T-101, US researchers have succeeded in re-animating a dead sparrow. Duke scientists were studying male behavior aggression amongst sparrows. So they cleverly decided to insert miniaturized robotics into an empty sparrow carcass and operate it like a puppet. It worked; they noticed wing movements were a primary sign of aggression. Fortunately the living won out this time. The experiment stopped after the real sparrows tore off the robosparrow's head. But there's always a newer model on the assembly-line. Good luck sparrows.

Submission + - First asteroid-tracking satellite will be Canadian (

cylonlover writes: In the wake of the meteor blast over Russia and the close quarter fly by of asteroid 2012 DA14 last week, many people's thoughts have turned to potential dangers from above. It is timely then that the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will next week launch NEOSSat (Near-Earth Object Surveillance Satellite), the world’s first space telescope for detecting and tracking asteroids, satellites and space debris.

Submission + - White House Petition To Make Unlocking Phones Legal Passes 100,000 Signatures

An anonymous reader writes: A White House petition to make unlocking cell phones legal again has passed the 100,000 signature mark. Passing the milestone means the US government has to issue an official response. On January 26th, unlocking a cell phone that is under contract became illegal in the U.S. Just before that went into effect, a petition was started at to have the Librarian of Congress revisit that decision. "It reduces consumer choice, and decreases the resale value of devices that consumers have paid for in full. The Librarian noted that carriers are offering more unlocked phones at present, but the great majority of phones sold are still locked."

Comment Re:US Metric System (Score 1) 1387

I don't think you really explained why Fahrenheit is more practical than Celsius at all, it's more like you're just saying you prefer Fahrenheit. It seems to me that Celsius is the more logical choice in day to day life since you have a scale from 0 to 100 that takes you through the three states of water, solid, liquid and gas. Since we are made of mostly water, this gives us a clear indicator as to what would happen to our bodies when exposed to certain temperatures at any given time without thinking about it too much or memorizing random numbers. Most scales or graphs you see anywhere will start at 0 and end at some easy to remember number like 100. If 32 to 98.6 makes more sense to you than 0 to 100 then let me know what you're smoking because I want some. :)

Comment Re:Was the gun legally obtained? (Score 1) 2987

I see a lot of posts in here about banning guns. They are far more controlled where I live (Canada), but rest assured shootings that happen in Canada are always with black-market guns. It's not the people who legally purchase and register firearms doing these things, it's those who obtain them illegally.

You may argue that making guns harder to get, like here, reduces this kind of thing. That may be correct. But no matter what, people can get anything, and they will, if sufficiently demented, do something bad.

What's the answer to that?

There is no answer to that. The lesser of two evils is less people with guns and I'm fine with that since there will never be a better option.

Comment Re:It's not so cold. (Score 1) 230

No kidding - I've experienced -52 C (it was closer to -60 C with the wind chill.) That's pretty cold.

Yes, definitely. At around -50, the batteries in your discman stop delivering a charge and your headphone cables get really stiff. Happened to me walking to work some years ago, it was worth a few laughs with the coworkers, since the cold weather is an inside joke where I'm from.

Comment Re:No! (Score 1) 92

It's Friday, my day, my way or the highway,
Can't wait to get off work so I'm letting my mind spray.
Stuck here in my chair on some last minute shit,
Debuggin' the fuckin' program till those breakpoints get hit.
Go home, pop the beer, spark the la like rastafari,
Relaxin' on the couch and watch the time just fly by.
Get a call from work, they say the shit done turn real,
Log into my machine, oh how shitty this must feel.

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