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Comment Re:I would rather have that than contraband (Score 1) 747

I agree with you. It seems that this is probably the only way to limit contraband in the jail population (people don't go to prison for minor offenses).

I was arrested about a decade ago (DUI in my college years), brought into a room with about 10 others that were being processed. We stripped, handed over our clothes and belongings and were given our jail uniforms. It wasn't the most dignified moment of my life, but I'm not sure what the alternative would look like. Allowing us to change clothes in a private room?

Comment Rackspace Cloudfiles & HTTPS (Score 1) 396

Recently had to abandon Rackspace's Cloudfiles in favor of Amazon since Cloudfiles doesn't support HTTPS. In at least IE 7 and 8 if an HTTPS page references external HTTP assets many users will get a security pop up, which is quite annoying.

Of course Rackspace plans on offering HTTPS in the near future. With extensive experience with their CloudServers, CloudSites, and CloudFiles I feel that Rackspace rolls out way too many products before they're ready.

Comment Re:US abuse (Score 5, Interesting) 966

Actually - researchers in 2008 uncovered that there were weapons on the Lusitania:

Really doesn't say anything to the discussion here or the point your making. But I just read this the other day and thought it was interesting.

Comment Tone of TFA (Score 2, Interesting) 621

Little taken aback by the tone of the write up in the local news and the quote by the superintendent, "We support educational research and certainly would have supported cancer research, [..] however, as an educational institution we do not support the search for E.T."

The whole article implies that SETI is some out there kookie search for aliens and in no way a scientific endeavor that has at times been funded in part by the US government. That's local news coverage for you though.

Comment Re:Dell (Score 1) 650

Oh I get and expect that - even though I have seemingly been more lucky than others with not getting too many parts DOA. But we have, non-optimal, backup systems to use in the interim, after I decided to not go with Dell I didn't expect anything to be speedy (though the ship dates through dell were around 10 days). Ordering three similar systems, I expect (hope) to not end up with more than one bad part of each type so that I can at least have two of the systems up while I wait for RMA'd parts.

I remember when building your own systems was a bit more expensive than buying through dell or gateway, but the systems I'm putting together are fairly powerful and a whole lot cheaper than similar systems through Dell (posted the specs -

Comment Dell (Score 2, Interesting) 650

Had a bit of first hand experience with this recently. I've always known Dell has devious pricing systems, the same system will have different starting prices and instant discounts applied to it depending on how you get to it and result in systems with the same specs being priced hundreds of dollars apart from one another.

I own a business and needed some systems quick for new hires. We have a line of credit through dell which has come in handy a few times. The new hires were going to be working heavily in the Adobe suite and needed some firepower but nothing crazy. I just could not price a system with the specs I wanted. I called up sales and they told me that it was impossible to get the system I wanted with 64-bit Vista despite that, when both options were available, there was no price difference, the sales guy made some nonsensical reference to the motherboard (was getting a intel quad-core). I asked could I get the 2GBs of memory that came with the system on one DIMM instead of two, but this was not possible because the system wouldn't support it.

In the end I broke down and now and ordering three systems worth of parts from Newegg, which, of course, satisfies my inner geek but has lead to significant delays in getting the hardware I need.

Comment I was in the same situation (Score 1) 800

When I started my company, Station Four, we had the same issue. Since the name wasn't established and there were many variations that would be acceptable (station4, stationfour, stationfourdesign) we went into bargaining with the owner of with a "we'd like the domain but we don't need it attitude", we had already picked up stationfourdesign as a back up.

If we really really wanted a domain that matched our company name and we couldn't get 'stationfour' then we probably would have come up with another name.

The guy asked for too much, we said good-bye, he came back and said he'd sell it for $80 and we picked it up.

Comment Re:I know the future... (Score 1) 294

I used to think the same way but I think I use way too many extensions most completely for productivity and work purposes and have found the resulting performance of Firefox lacking. I've even found myself opening up IE to watch BSG or Hulu because there's an annoying skip in FF likely caused by some extension. I'm not so sure that it wouldn't make sense for me to use a browsing browser (chrome) and a production browser (FF + extensions).

Of course I'm sure my situation is not really widespread among the larger internet using population and there are a number of extensions I use heavily that I'd want in my 'browsing browser' (foxmarts, twitterfox, etc). But just making the point that extensions come with a performance price and maybe there's room to actively use more than one browser.

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