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Comment I avoid the US whenever posible (Score 1) 514

Last time I had to land in the US I got fingerprinted and photographed, just to change from international flight to an American airline flight which was not even bound to an US airport. And this was more than a decade ago. Since then I avoid any landing in US territory and any airline with flights using American Airlines as connection flight. I still remember the face of the customs officer. He looked to be so proud of protecting his country borders... from passengers in transit to an US outbound flight! That was a waste of resources and a way to pishing off people perception of US Curiously now I fly mostly in non American airplanes, but that is unintentional.

Comment This is a stupid attack (Score 1) 207

Why should an entity reveal its capabilites setting up such attack bringing himself too much in the public light and without any monetary profit. It may backfire by getting the authorities, and even other ddos attacks users, on his trail and by triggering the search and implementation of technical and regulatory measures to reduce or eliminate the means he uses for the attack. The entity behind this does attack may have just triggered a Barbara Streisand attack.

Comment Terraform first go later (Score 1) 684

A better strategy would be first to send probes to at least partially terraform mars to make it more viable for human life. When the conditions are bearable enough for human life then send the first humans there.

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