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Comment Chainsaw Hands (Score 1) 225

They grafted the implants directly into the bone and fused the skin around them. When are we going to see this technology come to human prosthetics? If I lose my arm in a car accident, I don't want a fake arm attached to my stump with a suction cup, I want a universal mount embedded in what is left of my arm bones! I want to be able to adapt the attachments for whatever job I need (hand, grinder, chainsaw, soldering iron) using a quick release mechanism.

Comment Re:Replace their PC's with Mac Mini's (Score 1) 369

I installed Deep Freeze on my parent's computer years ago after they proved themselves unable to handle the responsibility of a computer. It turned out to be a godsend and took much of the burden off of both of us. They no longer fear damaging their computer with their ignorance - they are one reboot away from a fresh machine, and I no longer fear their phone calls. Deep freeze is extra handy in that it doesn't stop them from using their computer; it just resets it back to "factory" condition each time they reboot. All the windows functionality remains and it stays out of the way. If they really need to make a permanent change, they just have to reboot in defrost mode. I spent years futilely trying to teach my parents to safely use a computer. But since I couldn't take the knife away from them, I could only make sure it wasn't sharp enough to hurt anybody.

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