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Comment No imprint? (Score 1) 142

There are a lot of cards now with don't have the numbers imprinted on them. Am I going to have to manually write out my card information when I go there now because these incompetent people can't be bothered to hire a couple security people and fix the problem instead of making it inconvenient and no more secure for anybody. Also a credit card swipe is pretty much automatically processed, what kind of delay will be on the manual transactions?

Comment Re:For those of us not in the US (Score 5, Informative) 465

That's exactly what it is. It stands for Political Action Committee and large corporations can donate to PACs or super-PACs, allowing them to get around contribution limits, which then turn around and use that money to buy millions of dollars in advertising to destroy or help someone during election time. We aren't allowed to call it bribery because money has been ruled to be free speech but it is basically used to by corporations to buy politicians or punish those working against them.

Comment Re:Amazon just wants to see how much they can sque (Score 2) 276

I read an article a while back that actually looked at this in depth. They said every time amazon cut the cost of shipping for customers their sales volume went up anywhere from 10% to 20% with each cut to shipping costs for customers.
If anyone feels like they are trying to squeeze extra money out of Prime with this $22 increase they really need to pull their head out of the hole its currently in and realize that after the 8 or 10 years Amazon Prime has been $79 its finally going up a little bit. I wish gas prices would follow the Amazon Prime model and stay the same for 8 to 10 years.

Comment Re: Hmmm... (Score 1) 983

If I remember right you can have CrashPlan ship you some drives and backup to them locally and ship them back. Of course that costs money but if you need to backup a lot of data and quickly, it is an option to consider.

Comment Re:Double, triple, quadruple charging (Score 1) 74

I guess a smart person would find a way to just tether the car to your existing internet connected device and go from there. The rest will overpay for a useless plan so their car can get 4G on top of everything else. The operators don't want you to figure out how to do that or be able to do that since it cuts out the money for them.

Comment Re:Pricey (Score 1) 166

You can't carry a scooter with you into the office, you have to find a place to park it/store it. The Citibike is a rental bike you drop off when you get to your end point and you take this off and carry it with you. Yes it costs almost as much as a scooter but provides more convenience than one for a crowded city with limited parking space.

Comment Re:Write them down. (Score 1) 445

A list of services in a text file with no meaning or obvious connection to the passwords written down would be easy enough. Maybe split them up have the services they are used for stored somewhere and the passwords written down with no connection to the service they are used for. That way someone who takes the wallet would get a piece of paper with crap written on it and no way to know what it's for.

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