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The Media

Submission + - Obama is an iPhone, McCain is a Blackberry (

Dekortage writes: "If the U.S. presidential candidates were smartphones, Obama would be an iPhone and McCain would be a Blackberry. At least, that's the finding of a branding analysis that asked respondents to think of the candidates in terms of popular brands. Obama apparently also relates to James Bond, Google, Target and Sam Adams, while his Republican opponent relates to Jack Bauer, AOL, Wal-Mart and Budweiser. And they are both related to Starbucks. One thing that wasn't asked: if the candidates were Linux distros, which ones would they be?"

Submission + - Weekly World News Eaten by Bat Boy! 1

Dekortage writes: "While not exactly a primary source of technology news, the Weekly World News was always popular among engineers, programmers, and other geeks when I was in college. So there's something sad about hearing that the August 27 issue will be its last. Where else are we going to hear about FBI conspiracies, alien probes, bizarre technological experiments, and right-wing nutjobs? (I mean, besides on Slashdot, of course!)"

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