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Submission + - '12 Monkeys' TV remake syncs with Philips' light bulbs. (

Dekaner writes: The new Syfy series '12 Monkeys', which expands on the 1995 time-twisting movie, is now able to sync with the Philips Hue Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs. The bulbs will react to audio cues in the show's soundtrack that trigger a "light track", adjusting the lighting to match the action on the screen. The system syncs up via the Syfy Sync app, which is available for iOS devices.

Comment CISA, CIPP, etc. (Score 1) 317

If you are interested in pursuing more of the management side vs. the technical side, consider rounding out your skill-set. Certifications such as CISA (Certified Information System Auditor) from ISACA and CIPP/IT (Certified Information Privacy Professional in IT) would provide a different perspective from what you may be used to. Both are self-study and are more practical than technical.

Comment Re:Color me unsurprised (Score 1) 171

I use the Clear program and was very disappointed when it was shut down. You're basically paying an annual fee to not wait in line with everyone else. The clear line is a seperate queue that moves very quickly and then they walk you to the front of the normal security screening line. This regularly saved me the time and frustration of traveling with people who are not experienced with the security procedures.

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