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Comment Re:How this will kill Truth. (Score 1) 195

If there was such a thing as big-T Truth that was perfectly knowable, this, and other forms of censorship, would be great. Anything false could simply be censored and anything true let stand.

It's because perfect truth is inaccessible to us that we need to embrace truth seeking rather than the truth as we know it. Rejecting censorship is part of that stance.

Comment Re:Better not be automated (Score 1) 369

Youtube and proper online courses are performing many of the functions that traditional education once served. While it's true that online resources don't currently constitute a complete replacement for traditional education, can you really be confident there will always be significant aspects of education that cannot be automated?

Comment Phrase picking (Score 1) 637

I take a phrase that I like from a song, book, or movie and then riff on it a bit.
I might start with "God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of His own devising," part of a line from Good Omens.
Then focus down. "ineffableGame" thats a good start.
ineffable Game w/ blank Cards.
or perhaps
ineffable Game for infinite_Steaks
an ineffable Game for infinitesimal 6Steaks
Substitutions of words, puns, plays. It make it personal but you still have a have a hook for remembering it. So long as you follow your own (hopefully somewhat twisted) sensibilities you will have a way to re-derive the password, a sort of logical mnemonic.
Choosing a longer phrase, or a more significant part of a phrase, for more security is a natural extension, and it beats trying to remember complex letter and symbol substitutions. Wordplay is much more natural.

Comment Re:Canon's Diffractive Optics taken to a new level (Score 4, Informative) 60

It isn't the same as a Fresnel lens.
The scale of these features are below the wavelength of light. That means that these structures interact with the electromagnetic field in a way that allows for a negative refractive index, which is impossible using conventional optics, rather than bending the light in steps like a Fresnel lens. This is more like an array of phased antennae, but small enough to work with light's high frequency. They have been doing similar things with microwaves for something like a decade or so.
Google image search for microwave metamaterial. It will show you what sort of thing these pillars are mimicking, but on the order of millimeters instead of nanometers.

Comment I'm not crying in Shanghai (Score 1) 75

At least when there are deals, it's cheaper to get a ride in what's often a nice, shiny luxury sedan than a worn-down, stinky taxi.

So what if Uber gets the whole market? The instant their prices go above what's competitive, someone will spend a few hundred thousand bucks to start a cheaper service. People here can be kind of stingy, which seems to be what Uber is banking on.

Submission + - Guix gets grafts: timely delivery of security updates

paroneayea writes: GNU Guix, the functional package manager (and with GuixSD, distribution) got a nice feature yesterday: timely delivery of security updates with grafts. Guix's new grafts feature recursively produces re-linked packages as dependencies without waiting for all to compile when a time-sensitive security upgrade is an issue. This came just in time for this week's OpenSSL security issues, and has been successfully tested by the community. It worked so well that it was able to reproduce the ABI break issue that other traditional distributions experienced also!

Submission + - Software Freedom Conservancy asks for supporters

paroneayea writes: Software Freedom Conservancy has is asking people to join as supporters to save both their basic work and GPL enforcement. Conservancy is the steward of projects like it, Samba, Wine, BusyBox, QEMU, Inkscape, Selenium, and many more. Conservancy also does much work around GPL enforcement and needs 2,500 members to join in order to save copyleft compliance work. You can join as a member here.

New Ransomware Business Cashing In On CryptoLocker's Name ( 62

itwbennett writes: A new service launched this week on a standalone Darknet website offering ransomware called CryptoLocker Service to anyone willing to pay a small fee and 10% of the collected ransom. The new venture is being run by a person using the handle Fakben, who was a former user of the Evolution (Evo) marketplace, writes CSO Online's Steve Ragan. Customers pay $50 to get the basic Ransomware payload. Once the victim pays the demanded ransom, the payment address will forward the funds – less a ten percent fee – to the Bitcoin wallet designated by the CryptoLocker Service customer. The ransom fee itself can be determined by the customer, but the recommended fee is $200. 'I prefer to be less expensive, more downloads and more infections,' Fakben said during a brief chat with Ragan.

Comment Re:It's not the Earth's fault (Score 1) 291

I feel as though it would be wise for the markets to move to another timebase, such as the one used by GPS (TAI if I recall correctly)
It has a correspondence with wall time but it doesn't change to match wall time, the difference is merely changed when a leap second is added (or taken away, which has not happened).

I presume that if they don't use a timebase such as this it is for historical reasons, but I'd be curious to know!

Comment Re: It's not the Earth's fault (Score 1) 291

If you are doing precision timing it would be wise to not use wall time. Wall time is adjusted on an ongoing basis on computers using NTP. Many times this is done by adding or subtracting microseconds smoothly, 'slewing' time so it is monotonic and all that, but that means wall time is only accurate in the long run, not at any particular moment.

What you'd want is something that has a fixed timebase which is trained to the wall clock but doesn't correspond to adjustments to the wall time. I'm not sure as to all the details, but something like this:
        Clock that cannot be set and represents monotonic time since some unspecified starting point.

Comment Re:Cheating? (Score 1) 109

Actually the driver could enable those things. I don't have enough knowledge to implement it myself, but the driver does control everything that goes to the GPU in some form or another. The GPU does what it is told, the driver tells it what to do. The short version is that if you control the driver you own the card.

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