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Submission + - Scientists Unveil Structure of Adenovirus

An anonymous reader writes: After more than a decade of research, Scripps Research Institute scientists have pieced together the structure of a human adenovirus—the largest complex ever determined at atomic resolution. The new findings about the virus, which causes respiratory, eye, and gastrointestinal infections, may lead to more effective gene therapy and to new anti-viral drugs.

Comment Even weirder... (Score 1, Interesting) 165

I once experienced something almost exactly like a phantom limb. After an episode of sleep paralysis laying on the couch on the third floor of my university library, I suddenly regained control of my arms. I was unable to open even my eyes...but I had complete control of my hands and arms. Eventually I reached up and touched my face, only to discover that there was no opposite sensation from the skin on my face. I was able to feel my hair and the features of my face, but my face felt as if it had been completely numbed.

Eventually I was able to force my eyelids open, and to my complete arms were laying crossed across my chest in the same position they were in when I fell asleep. I was able to "move" them across my field of vision, but they remained motionless on my chest. The whole experience lasted a minute or two and was strangle not unpleasant, unlike all of the sleep paralysis episodes I have.

Has anyone hear heard of such a thing? Sleep paralysis is well documented, but I have never been able to find anything similar to what I have described here.

Comment Re:Are you catholic? (Score 0) 902

I'm not saying abortion is wrong, I'm just saying your logic is flawed and your self-deception is transparent. Abortion is stopping a process that would otherwise (in a typical scenario) end in a fully aware human being. That is a fact. If you want to delude yourself into thinking otherwise fine, just be 'self-aware' enough to know that it's just an excuse.

Abortion stops a process that sometimes ends with a fully aware human being. The same thing can be said about sexual intercourse. You promote contraception later in your post; I fail to see how this is not "stopping a process that would otherwise (in a typical scenario) end in a fully aware human being."

Assuming you aren't sterile, the fact that you are commenting on slashdot stories instead of actively trying to procreate means you are stopping that very same process.

Where do you draw the line? How far back in the process of procreation do you have to go before it is completely an issue of the rights of a person and not "just an excuse"?

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