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Comment Re:Um, excuse me (Score 2) 60

... you might be a troll but...

They've always said step 1 was creating all of these small cameras to send into space to look for asteroids. This way they can catalog all the asteroids first and what they're made of. Then they can go get the ones they are interested in. We apparently only know of a fraction of asteroids currently in our solar system and only know what a few of them are made of.

Comment Re:Skils || Trades == Jobs (Score 1) 368

I think that has to do a lot with education too. Just because you're a plumber doesn't mean you don't read or have interesting hobbies that can help you relate to those with PhD's.

I think your family would prefer you being with someone you love that is also financially stable, than with someone who has a degree but no real job opportunities in this economy (see poli sci, etc)

Comment Skils || Trades == Jobs (Score 3) 368

People with skills and trades will almost always find work even in shitty economies. If you know how to make something, build something, or fix something that everyone uses, then someone is probably going to pay you to do that.

My advice to kids, whether family or kids I mentor, is to finish school with a skill. Doesn't matter if it's programming or plumbing.

Comment Facebook SSO / Windows 8 (Score 1) 446

Facebook is doing SSO really well for stuff that's just not that important. Sign in to random websites/games/apps/forums with a single click.

I wouldn't want SSO for my bank/finances/medical though because of the single point of failure issue.

However, for PC's Windows 8 now allows you to log in with your Windows Live credentials (not sure if you could do this before)... I personally liked that feature since you can log onto different PC's/tablets around the house without reconfiguring things.

Comment Re:Encyclopedia Galactica (Score 1) 305

I've run into this lately as an Android developer. A lot of the things we need to do like notifications require things like reading phone state, booting at start, etc just to work. If I want my app to be able to send you a notification I have to add 5 new permissions to my app (that didn't require them before).

So while some apps do "spy" on you, there are a lot more with scary looking permissions just because they're trying to implement some small feature that requires them to declare all of these upfront even though they probably won't be using them directly.

For example, the Urban Airship library which allows for push notifications, it requires the following:


Besides "INTERNET" my app doesn't need any of the other permissions.


Comment CanIStream.It (Score 1) 380

I actually built a site/app called "CanIStream.It" ( ) just because I wanted to get rid of cable, but I didn't want to search across all of the services. Plus I knew movies would eventually get to the service I had (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) so I built a reminder system into it. Now when I hear about a movie somewhere, I just pull out my (free!) app and tell it to remind me when that movie is out on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/etc. I don't get to watch everything right away, but at least I know I'll watch it eventually. /plug


Submission + - Why US Gas Mileage Advances Don't Help Consumers a ( 2

greenrainbow writes: "The average, fuel efficiency for US vehicles actually increased by 60 percent between 1980 and 2006 but at the same time cars in the US got bigger (by 26% on average) and their horsepower increased (by 107 hp on average), which, when factored in, means that the average fuel efficiency of American cars only increased by a mere 15%. Almost all of the new technology went into making cars more efficient per pound of weight so that the cars could get bigger and still fit within average mile per gallon expectations."

Submission + - A quick way to find out where a movie is available (

DeionXxX writes: "We recently launched a new web and mobile call called CanIStream.It to easily search across various site to figure out if and where a movie is available for streaming/rental/purchase instantly. If a movie is not available, you can set a reminder and the site will email you when the movie is available.

We built the site and the app for the community, and we've been listening and adding more services and features. We're not trying to do everything and build a huge service, just a small tool to search quickly for a movie to watch."

Comment No Value (Score 1) 200

Pseudonyms and Anonymous users provide absolute no value to Google. Google isn't a charity, it provides services because of the data it gathers about users for targeted advertising.

Facebook / Twitter / etc also rely on advertising and user information but they don't care about fake information because these fake accounts make their site look good to investors. Google on the other hand actually cares about REAL data, they don't want their algorithms to be soiled with fake data.

Comment Re:33% thinner, 2x faster, 500% does anyone care? (Score 1) 1118

And sadly will never be released... iPad 2 comes out in 9 days. That's really one of the biggest issues other manufacturers have... they announce something, everyone is excited, then people wait 6+ months to buy it... but by that time... 3 more competitors have announced new things, and they're shipping it in 3-4 months afterwards... so everyone sits there and waits... eventually no one buys anything.

As opposed to Apple announcements that usually go something like this: hype -> announcement -> excitement -> pre-order or purchase -> deliver within a week to a month.

Comment Re:Less ad money? (Score 3, Insightful) 124

This is true for all analog -> digital advertising. Digital advertising is so enticing to brands because they can MEASURE how their ads are actually doing. Are people looking at my ad? Are they interacting with it? How long? Are then then going to my site? Are they buying something? Are they coming back later? Did they invite someone else? Did those people come to our site? Did they buy something? On and on and on...

Those are all questions we can answer now with digital advertising. You couldn't do that with "analog" ads in print, on TV or Radio.

So at first companies stopped spending as much, then they realized that their normal ads didn't work, but soon, they started spending much more money on digital because they could maximize their returns now.

So in this case, advertisers might start buying less ads if they see that people are ignoring them and leaving the room. However, advertisers will soon figure out what works and we'll have ads that are better tailored for the experience and will make people actually watch / interact with them. This happened with TV ads too... once DVR's became popular, advertisers created ads just for DVR's.

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