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Comment Re:That is exactly what was expected of Jake Apple (Score 1) 229

I have been rather disturbed to see how many people are still defending that creep; but I'm not altogether surprised, having had my own experience with someone like Appelbaum. A lot of people don't understand until they have been on the receiving end of such intricate and well-stragegized abuse. Reading some of the victims' stories was so reminiscent of a particular brand of sociopathic creepiness that I wanted to vomit. Guys like Appelbaum are absolute masters of pushing the envelope right to the razor-thin edge of what you can technically accuse them of, and are even more talented at manipulating people around them; especially when most of those people are adoring fans. It's extremely rare for someone like him to get exposed in this way for those very reasons. Appelbaum found the perfect corner to spin his webs. A place where everyone is rightfully paranoid and it's all-to-easy to frame any attempt to stop him as some kind of conspiracy. So no, Appelbaum did not TECHNICALLY rape anyone (If he had, they would have simply pressed charges against him), but his actions were much more calculated and sinister, and his victims rightfully feel every bit as violated.

Comment Disappointing but unsurprising.... (Score 4, Interesting) 160

Roads, electricity, water, gas, telephone: All of these things could only be built with significant involvement/investment/regulation from the government. It should be blatantly obvious that no amount of "free market" magic by itself is going to get fiber infrastructure built to every home in the country which currently already has the aforementioned infrastructures; most of which are much more expensive to build out than fiber lines. This is what I find most aggravating about the whole broadband mess. I'm imagining an alternate history where Eisenhower was never able to build the Interstate highway system because a bunch of powerful monopolies already had a bunch of bumpy dirt roads with exorbitant toll booths.

Comment Sports (Score 2) 193

The biggest thing stopping online streaming from delivering the decisive blow to cable is live sporting events. I personally don't care about spectator sports, but I imagine that if Netflix were to strike deals with the NFL and the like, it would eviscerate cable TV almost overnight.

Comment And not a single crap was given that day (Score 2) 562

I'm assuming by 'retro' he means we didn't see a bunch of tedious senate scenes. Instead they just blew the senate up before we ever saw it.

Seriously though, making a Star Wars movie is a "damned if you, damned if you don't" scenario. No matter what you do, there are going to be people who hate it. Disney and Abrams just took the route that would please the most people (and generate the most revenue). I can't really fault them for that.

Comment What a surprise! -Said no one ever (Score 1) 245

The unscrupulous Daraprim stunt went well beyond simple douchebaggery and obviously showed him to be a pure-bred sociopath. God only knows what other skeletons this maggot has in his closet. He obviously had support, though. Once he goes down I hope they don't stop with him. I'd like to know what sort of vile company had the nerve to put this asshole in charge.

Comment I'm going to enjoy this more than I should (Score 5, Insightful) 482

If you were to ask me what I like most about electric cars (and Tesla in particular), it wouldn't be the economic or environmental benefits, or even the technology.

It's the way they are taking a long stagnant and mostly non-innovative industry and dragging it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. If the people who constantly preach about the free market truly appreciated the concept, they would know that in a legitimately free market, you either change with the times or you get kicked to the curb to make room for those who are actually innovating.

The more they resist, the more I'm going to enjoy watching them weep and wail as they slowly become irrelevant.

Comment George Lucas did not create Star Wars (Score 5, Interesting) 424

Contentious thing to say, but it's technically true. The only thing he deserves credit for are the initial story ideas. In the end, the original trilogy was the result of a lot of creative input from a lot of people; to his great displeasure. Some of its most iconic moments happened in spite of him rather then because of him. (Actual quote to him from Harrison Ford during filming: "You can type this shit but you can't say it.") He has made it excruciatingly clear that he hates the original trilogy and has always hated it because he didn't have total control over it; and thinks that the only thing that made everyone love it was HIS creative input. All of the praise and fame he earned as a result of it's success, which he literally bet against with Spielberg, led him to think "Wow, if everyone loved movies that only slightly showcased my vision, imagine how much they will love them when I DO have control over every aspect!" At this point he was rich, powerful, and surrounded by yes men who dared not question him. We all know what the results looked like. The only thing he as proven beyond a shadow of a doubt is that if Star Wars had turned out how he wanted, it would have been terrible. There would have been no sequels, no merchandising empire, no worldwide generation-defining cultural impact. Just another sub-par sci-fi flick from the 70s. The "creator" of Star Wars was also its biggest liability.

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