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Comment Re:Nice disclaimer (Score 1) 381

Do you really think the average outraged teenager/citizen is going to have the time, resources, or know-how to assemble Paranoid Linux, XNet with Tor, gnupg, WiFi sniffers, security tools, etc.? Why would anyone in their right mind do that when a public, mass outlet has emerged for similar expression? Further you gain credibility by having multiple, collaborated sources, far more than some literally untraceable, anonymous internet source. One blog entry isn't noticeable or likely to get attention, 10,000 agreeing Twits definitely is. Pragmatics aside I can't believe you're encouraging "revolutionaries" to comply with government suppression. Doesn't that defeat the point of an uprising? Maybe all the Iranians should just listen to the police, go back inside peacefully, stop telling the world what's going on and accept the latest government announcement. Maybe while they listen they can invite over one of their 100s of Linux-qualified friends to help them set up an anonymous network connection! Twitter isn't going to save the world but it has a way better chance than anonymous Linux browsing.

Comment It gets worse (Score 1) 423

You forgot an increasingly popular trend in most forums: ironic humor. Not only is it becoming increasingly (and irritatingly) difficult to differentiate between the genuinely stupid and the trolls, the addition of people "ironically" flaming everyone or trashing the forums is impossible to spot or verify since anyone accused of these things can claim they were doing so "ironically" as an ingenious, super-subtle commentary on forum "culture." Voila! By claiming to use ironic humor, anyone and everyone is now a modern day Oscar Wilde!

How to Keep Your Code From Destroying You 486

An anonymous reader writes "IBM DeveloperWorks has a few quick tips on how to write maintainable code that won't leech your most valuable resource — time. These six tips on how to write maintainable code are guaranteed to save you time and frustration: one minute spent writing comments can save you an hour of anguish. Bad code gets written all the time. But it doesn't have to be that way. Its time to ask yourself if its time for you to convert to the clean code religion."
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Apple embeds account info in DRM-free music

Cardiff writes: Apple may have removed the DRM but they didn't remove tracking information from DRM-free music. With embedded account names and email information, which can be viewed only by searching the files for strings, Apple (or a record label) could easily determine the origin of a file shared on P2P. Ars speculates that Apple wants to keep an eye on casual file trading among friends.
The Courts

Submission + - The Best and Worst Intenet Laws

Anonymous Coward writes: "When a U.S. legislator describes the Internet as a "series of tubes" you just know that you're going to end up with some wacky laws on the books. Law professor Eric Goldman takes a look at the best and worst Internet laws in the U.S. Eric offers an analysis of the biggies such as the DMCA, but also shines a light on lesser known laws like the Dot Kids Implementation and Efficiency Act of 2002."

Submission + - Bjork sponsors a music video contest

STFS writes: A number of news sites have picked up on singer Björk's idea of having an open contest for making a music video to one of her latest songs titled Innocence.

The official contest page has more information about the contest along with some material (the song itself, the lyrics and some visual goodies) to get the ball rolling.

This may be the ultimate opportunity for those artistically inclined Slashdot readers to take a stab at world fame.

The Hundred Million Mile Pipe Organ 76

jd writes "Scientists have announced that the gigantic coils of plasma in the solar atmosphere, known as coronal loops, actually carry sound waves much like a pipe organ. Micro-flares on the surface of the sun create powerful blasts of charged particles, which are then guided through the coronal loops, creating the standing waves. Sheffield University is hosting movies and audio recordings of the sun's performance."

Submission + - Fully updated OSX Box Hacked

Guanine writes: "The security blog Matasano Chargen recently reported that at the CanSecWest Applied Security Conference, a MacBook Pro with all the latest patches was successfully hacked. A vulnerability and exploit in Safari were developed by Dino Dai Zovi, then leveraged by Shane MacCauley to "get a shell with user level privilages." The reward is $10,000 and the hacked MacBook Pro."

Submission + - New predictions for Solar Cycle 24

An anonymous reader writes: According to an article on physicsweb, the next solar cycle could have sunspot levels 35% lower than in the last cycle. This prediction conflicts with previous predictions discussed here. If true, this could have interesting implications for communications and global warming.

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