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Comment Re:Promiscuity (Score 1) 266

I'll disagree about one particular point here:

"Sex has values and judgments attached to it that eating, for example, doesn't"

Not in any world I've lived in. The choices people make about the food they eat IS frequently judged and valued. The term "fat slob" comes to mind first here, as it's a value judgment about a whole person made from looking at one particular aspect of their behavior - their eating habits. Eating habits are frequently "disgusting" or "tidy", and people's choices of meals are "wholesome" or even "revolting". All of these terms are my attempt to illustrate one important thing: everything about you gets judged. I don't mean this in any religious sense either, it is a simple fact of life though that those around you judge your character constantly and through every action you take (or don't take).

In fact, I bet that if people were truly honest about how often you make value judgments on a person based on a small sample of their behavior (clothes, food, manner of speech, etc), we wouldn't have any room to talk about anything else.

Comment Re:Can somebody 'splain this? (Score 1) 361

First - Commercial paper is neither shady or immoral. The terms are laid out in black and white, and investors are equally free to accept the deal or walk away.

Second - What if you DID run out and buy a shit load of gear on credit for your business? And then what if all that gear came in handy for, I don't know, extra unexpected work?! And what if the reward of that unexpected extra work was more money than you paid for both the gear and the interest on borrowing?!

Wouldn't you then have actually benefited from borrowing?

By not borrowing though, you've foregone that opportunity, many many times over. In fact, I guarantee you that your business would be bigger if you had borrowed within your ability to pay this whole time.

Don't believe me? Do some finance reading.


Submission + - Iron Mountain to begin tracking its trucks (

Lucas123 writes: "Iron Mountain is retrofitting thousands of trucks with a tracking system called InControl, which is designed to buck "the unpredictable nature of human error," according to a Computerworld story. The technology rollout includes RFID, wireless authentication and real-time tracking capabilities all aimed at addressing the theft or otherwise mysterious disappearance of critical data tapes."

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