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Comment Re: One semester (Score 5, Interesting) 178

I hate when people have this view on the military. We are not mindless robots, nor are we trained to be. Sure, initial training seems like it, but it's only because at that level you don't necessarily have the whole picture of what needs to happen, what's happening, and how to complete the mission. There are times where you need to follow orders and times where you can question the current plan.

I rank this right there with all military are conservative, racist, violent, or arrogant.

Comment Re: I'm not surprised. (Score 2) 917

Sexism is assuming someone has a specific role or ability based on their sex and you discriminate against then for that. Harassment us a much more grey area but the general gist is its all about perception. I worked with a guy fired for harassment. Woman came in monday morning complaining about lower back pain. He asked her what happened. She said she had her eggs harvested over the weekend. He asked a clarifying question, "You mean your ovaries?" Four hours later he was escorted out by HR for asking about ovaries. Now knowing the guy, there was probably more. Ny wife was also fired from a position for playing a video to a co-worker about our then 5 year old son saying he learned about sex from Mike Rowe on dirty jobs. Someone nearby complained.

Comment Re: Fresh Fruit for Christmas (Score 1) 457

You mean things we created supplements for? Sure fresh fruit is a better source but using outdated conditions that we have many, many ways to fix, that's a weak argument. Hell potatoes have about 20mg of vitamin c per 100 mg. It's not a hard vitamin to get as you make it sound when the average person needs around 90 mg per day.

Comment Re: Floss (Score 3, Interesting) 257

This isn't necessarily true. I had a similar conversation with my dentist. He had one client who was a religious floss we and brusher, they have terrible teeth. Multiple root canals, at least 12 fillings. Then there's me. I rarely floss unless I can tell something is stuck, then I do to get it out. The strength of your teeth is mainly genetic and environment. Sadly my son has his mother's teeth and already has problems.

Comment This is why.... (Score 1) 331

I understand the desire to maximize profits, I really do. The theater experience is terrible. $30+ dollars to get in the door for three people, another $30-40 on garbage snacks, if your lucky they have real butter, otherwise it's butter flavored product. Wedged next to people who sense of courtesy stops that sneezing on you. They won't shut up all film. Some kid kicking the back of the seat randomly. Uncomfortable chairs terrible angles if the theater happens to be full. People getting up mid way and walking Iin front of you. No thanks. I'd rather stay home, make fresh popcorn with real butter, maybe enjoy a reasonably priced beer, on my couch. Sure the screen isn't 900 inches across. I'll sit closer. Sanctity of theater experience my ass.

Comment Re: The message is clear: (Score 0) 309

Entrapment is when they coerce you into doing something you wouldn't do normally, through prompting or other means. It requires you to prove you had no intention to do the action. If they run the site, and you download from it, without being guided, or groomed to do it, it shows you already had the intent to do it.

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