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Comment Re: The message is clear: (Score 0) 309

Entrapment is when they coerce you into doing something you wouldn't do normally, through prompting or other means. It requires you to prove you had no intention to do the action. If they run the site, and you download from it, without being guided, or groomed to do it, it shows you already had the intent to do it.

Comment Re: not replacing robots (Score 0) 156

Actually, current trends disagree with you. Jobs that are easily automated are even easier to monitor. I know SMT companies are designing systems that perform on the fly adjustment of parameters for machines multiple levels upstream from the end result in order to drift a process back into alignment. Slight change in humidty causes problems with the wave solder joint? The vision system picks up the change and communicates it to the central controller. Information is relayed and the line adjusts one of many parameters and tracks the results to see what happened.

Comment Power supplies (Score 0) 325

Never skimp on a power supply. It is the single most important component that can affect the life of your system because it touches every internal component. A cheap supply will cause immense, random headaches, and can easily fry components. Poor 12v regulation? There goes a harddrive, or random drive errors. Cheap caps? Might blow or not sufficiently filter and stabilize the incoming power. Poor line filtering.... The list goes on.

Submission + - Stop brute force attacks with IPtables

ggarron writes: Just using IPtables, no need to use Fail2Ban or DenyHosts, you can stop brute force attacks to ssh.
This technique, uses iptables to block a particular IP, that has passed the threshold of a certain number of connections in a given period of time.
Read more here
The Internet

Submission + - Net neutrality is still a US hang-up (

superapecommando writes:

A new ‘study’ claims that the communciations companies in the US will lose 340,000 jobs in the next decade if the federal Communications Commission (FCC) carries on with its current policy of net neutrality.
And, the study reckons, that could rise to 1.5 million by 2020, the point at which US consumers are supposed to have universal access to fast broadband.
I have not read the whole paper, but this assertion is at worst unsubstantiated propaganda.

Good analysis of the position the telecoms companies are taking, basically attempting to use throttling and 'priority' access to bandwidth to compete with content providers, who could now be partly considered their competitors.
Should be read alongside Net neutrality: Do the numbers add up? for a look at the problems with the original study.

Submission + - Dutch ISP calls on government to mandate fair onli ( 3

Chi-RAV writes: Dutch ISP XS4ALL has started a civil initiative, in which the call upon the Dutch government to create a law, concerning digital distribution of movies and music.

We therefore ask

The House to prepare a bill regarding the use of film and music over the Internet.Under the bill rightholders of film and musical works (the movie and music industry) are to be required to make all their film and music works available on the Internet in a way that enables Internet users to see and listen to such works whenever and wherever they wish. The timing of the making available of a film or musical work shall coincide with the timing of its distribution on physical media. Convenience and quality are at least equal to the usability and quality of other forms of publication. Rightholders shall receive fair compensation for such use.

Submission + - New AMD 6-core CPUs Finally Compete with Intel (

Vigile writes: AMD has been having a difficult time in the last year or so keeping up with Intel on the consumer CPU front. While the Phenom processors have been decent, since the introduction of Intel's Core i5 and Core i7 lineup of parts AMD has never really had a chance in the performance segment. They are hoping to change that with the release of the Phenom II X6 1090T processor, a 6-core CPU that will sell for about $285. Compare that to the 6-core offering from Intel: the Core i7-980X that retails for $999 or above. No, the 1090T won't run as fast in the benchmarks as the i7-980X but it does do well in media encoding tests and is one of the best available CPUs for performance/watt and performance/dollar. Add to that mixture the new Turbo Core Technology that automatically takes the 3.2 GHz part up to 3.6 GHz when three or fewer cores are loaded, and the AMD 1090T is the best competition Intel has seen in some time.

Submission + - 18 Reasons Buyers are Returning iPads (

JeffreyHenning writes: An analysis of 40 users who returned their iPads and 10 who are thinking of doing so, with a list of their reasons and the impact on Apple. The top three primary reasons: to upgrade from a WiFi iPad to a 3G iPad, because the iPad is a poor value or because of incompatibilities experienced.

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