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Journal Journal: operation troll support 1

just when you though that slashdot couldn't get any more like a game, Debian Troll's whore account gets moderator status! what's a guy to spend his points on when he sees his mate Debian Troll suffer at the hands of dipshit humour-deprived slashbots? and when a moderation of a blatant goatse.cx link is meta-moderated as 'fair', point and laugh at the sheer stupidity, then begin composing your next win-apt-get advertisement.



Journal Journal: Announcement: Debian GNU/Mac OS X 1

Following on from an insightful suggestion by co-developer leviramsey (for those who don't know, leviramsey has been instrumental in re-writing the Debian automatic hardware probing routines for Debian GNU/Windows XP so that they erase all the correct settings from XP and leave the machine ready to configure 'properly'...just like Debian GNU/Linux!), I would like to announce the commencement of a fourth host operating system for the Debian environment: Debian GNU/Mac OS X!

More details to follow, as soon as I can whore my karma back above 'Terrible' and start trolling...errr...recruiting developers.

Rest assured though...one feature which is not planned for Debian GNU/Mac OS X, which normally features quite heavily in the Apple version of the product, is the user getting laid. It wouldn't be GNU/Debian if you weren't forced to GNU/jerk off!!!

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Journal Journal: trolls of the week digest, installment 1

here are some great trolls in the last week that i have particularly enjoyed (besides my own, brilliant trolls of course).

of course, i've been pretty busy with coding win-apt-get this week, so not many trolls in this edition. thank you.

Asteroids: liberal myth
..just another sad old man...
Re:Asteroids: liberal myth
This Article Sucks! Inspirational lyrics below
Re:This Article Sucks! Inspirational lyrics below

Journal Journal: Debian Troll appeals apt-get banned decision! 1

Greetings fellow Debian users and 42-year old virgins, Following the IP address of Debian Troll being banned (obviously part of a conspiracy by the fiercely pro-RedHat and RPM Slashdot administrators), I have written the following plea to the Moderating elite.

Join in the campaign today! apt-get install crap-flood the editors!!


Dear Slashdot Moderators,

It appears that through some obviously inadvertent mistake, I have been banned from posting my insightful, razor sharp, cerebral commentary on the Linux and Debian worlds. Fear not, some readers of Slashdot may misinterpret my pro apt-get writings as 'Flamebait', or 'Trollish', but they are almost certainly RedHat users...or Bruce Perens has somehow gotten moderator access. Either way...I beg of you to please reinstate my posting rights, as there is a community of Debian enthusiasts just like you and I, yearning for my next apt-get laden posting.

As a fellow Debian and apt-get user, I thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Debian Troll.


Journal Journal: debian - the wanking man's operating system 1

whether it's their distasteful looks, their smelly sperm-laced breath or their lack of social skills - you can always spot a debian user. together with their rampant homosexuality and barely informed, yet surprisingly elitist attitude, these fucking tools can be found littering university campuses all over the world, beavering away on their beloved debian, "C for dummies" book in hand. even when not coding, you can find these cocksucking twats in their debian user group meetings, collaborating and sharing tips on how to get their soundcards working. after a hard days working out how to install printer drivers, watch them ruthlessly suck each other off in a homosexual fuck frenzy of frightening proportions.

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