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Comment Re:Unreal (Score 0) 437

There's nothing separating a bitcoin, a US dollar or a napkin that says $10000 1337 D0ll@rz on it.

One of these I can exchange for goods and services in the real world and have a reasonable expectation the other person will want it. I'll let you figure out which one it is. And no I don't care that your shitty blog takes donations in bitcoin.

Historically, there's been a 100% failure rate for fiat currencies.

And historically 100% of people have died. Who gives a shit.

conveniences of bitcoin

Don't make me laugh.

Comment Re:When you depend on other people ... (Score 1) 176

It's just that someone else is buying all that hardware to have sitting around idle until you need it.

That's no longer my problem. It's now an operating expense for me instead of a massive up front capital expense.

What makes it work is that they have so many customers that when one needs more capacity they can take a bit away from everybody else and each customer's share will be so small they won't notice.

Nooo... when you reserve a VM that VM is yours whether you use it or not. You are paying for it after all. I have a very tough time buying that any of the major cloud platforms are oversubscribed. You will have to back up that claim.

It doesn't matter anyways. If you have grown to such a monstrous scale that you start to outgrow the capabilities of these cloud platforms, the capital cost of rolling out your own data center is likely no longer an issue. Operations on that scale are few and far between.

Comment Re:When you depend on other people ... (Score 2) 176

Yes and it was done by buying a shit ton of hardware and all the complexities and expenses that come with it. The problem is that 90% of the time that hardware was sitting around idle. Or that you would have to purchase a bunch of hardware for a one time project and then hope and pray that someone would buy that hardware from you when you were done. It doesn't take a tech website genius to realize how incredibly inefficient that is.

Comment Re:Daily Microsoft bitch-fest (Score 4, Funny) 245

You must be new here. We have a Microsoft bitch-fest everyday even if they don't make anything newsworthy. It's either a Windows 8 post, or some rumour about DRM on the xbox, or Stallman saying something dumb, or something about UEFI, and if all those fail then we find some random guy that quit a decade ago and writes a butthurt blog post.

Comment Re:Co-operate with Microsoft? (Score 3, Insightful) 257

You guys making this argument really need to start picking better examples.

IBM (with MS-DOS

They defined the PC as we know it including a lot of standards that persist to this day. It was immensely successful and allowed for IBM to dominate the personal computing space for years.

and OS/2)

Was doomed from the start. IBM is equally to blame for its demise, despite the haterade that people on slashdot are drinking.

Sun (with Java)

I seem to remember that involving more lawsuits than any sort of cooperation. In any case Java is currently a very popular language in the enterprise.

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