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Comment Re: Pizza is indeed a pie (Score 1) 414

What's with this "oooh, Australia, deadly animals" bullshit? I live in the Australian bush, aside from the occasional snake and terrifying Drop Bear, there's really nothing here that deadly (unless you head north to Croc country). North America, on the other hand, they've got fucking BIG BEARS that'll tear you apart, and eat you ALIVE for fucks sake.

Comment Re:Gotta say (Score 1) 70

How so? Assuming the husband and wife in this scenario were spinning shit and don't actually have illegal drugs, any raid would prove fruitless. Indeed, wouldn't a raid require a warrant, thus giving away the source of intelligence, that being the toy shaped listening device?

Now, if the husband and wife in this scenario were to, say, jokingly discuss a pending act of terrorism, I'm sure the next stop would be G-Bay. No need to divulge any intelligence sources. Scary.

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