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Comment Re:What's the deal... (Score 2) 262

There is no more cheating in cycling than any other sport. For example, see the two major Australian football codes, which are using media and promotional ties to effectively sweep endemic drug cheating under the carpet. Or international athletics, of which the tip of the cheating iceberg has recently surfaced. The difference is that cycling is actively trying to eradicate cheating, thus the invasive scrutinising and drug tests.

Comment Re:Not your father's Microsoft (Score 1, Troll) 200

What the fuck am I reading? This is almost as surreal as that fuckhead gop campaigner Trump. Slashdot, Dice has taken you and fucked you up the ass. Now you're lying fetal in the corner, whimpering. Microsoft praise has no place on Slashdot. Has anybody heard that Midnight Oil song "Short Memory"? Microsoft is the company that tried to homogenise and pasteurise computing by embracing, extending and extinguishing alternate or competing technology. Slashdot was the place we would come to bitch and moan about it. No longer, it seems. Hmm, what's that taste in my mouth? Could it be... no, wait... NOOOOOO

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