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Comment Best intro to quantum computing I've seen (Score 1) 54

I've read a few articles on quantum computing before this, and while they tend to give a general idea of what it's about, they tend not to go into any depth on quantum logic and what you can actually do with individual qubits (or if they do, they're so dry I end up falling asleep before that point). These videos show what kinds of operations you can perform on qubits mathematically and how you can form concrete quantum circuits/algorithms out of quantum gates. The bits on superdense encoding and quantum teleportation certainly helped put everything into perspective. They're aimed more at the computer scientist or mathematician rather than the physicist, which suits me just fine. My only critiques would be that he goes into (imho, superficial) proofs too often, he could have drawn more parallels with boolean logic and illustrated a lot of the linear algebra with visual representations.

Comment Re:I[t]'ll be back.. (Score 1) 834

Even within Dollhouse, Amy Acker seems to have both covered pretty well. Her character got a lot more prominent in the last couple of episodes, so I'm hoping we'll see more of her next season.

Agreed. Eliza Dushku was one of the reasons I was first skeptical about the show. From the start of the show I've been baffled as to why they didn't cast Amy Acker for the part of Echo; she's already proved she can be an extremely versatile actress on Angel (Boo Faith, Yay Fred, etc. etc.)

Comment Re:C & C glitches (Score 4, Interesting) 282

In RA1, get a group of grenadiers and make them force fire at the ground in front of them. Just as they're about the throw their grenades, force fire anywhere on the map and they'll throw the grenade there, regardless of whether the target is in range or not. It's basically extremely cheap artillery with infinite range - certainly one of the most 'cheaty' glitches I've come across.

Comment Re:Hardcore Slashdotters won't notice... (Score 1) 227

On a related note, I have been storing all of my favorites on the bookmark bar (or whatever it is called). As more sites are using the "favicon", it has been helpful to just edit the bookmark and remove the title altogether (leaving just the icon). You can fit a lot of favorites in the toolbar in this manner.

Check out the Smart Bookmarks extension if you're on Firefox. Allows you to do that and more without renaming your bookmarks.

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