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Comment Re:Missing theory (Score 1) 48

A view Russian probes got lost while flying over HAARP, I think Phobos Grunt was the most recent one. The theory is that their electronics was grilled by these high-power transmitters. This one actually makes sense though.

This was obfuscation on the part of the Russians. According to the failure report issued by Roscosmos there were other reasons, including use of non-space-qualified components that were susceptible to radiation damage, and insufficient ground testing.

Comment Re:More Sleight of Hand... (Score 2) 17

You are of course welcome to use whatever you want, as long as you comply with the license. In the case of ProxySQL, that's the GPL. Percona appears to be one person, one René Cannaò, and it looks like he's interested in selling his consulting services. If you are actually making money from using his product, please consider throwing some work his way.

Like I said, Open Source developers should not have to wear hair shirts while their users, sometimes the most profitable companies on Wall Street, rake in the dough.


Submission + - MariaDB Fixes Business Source License, Releases MaxScale 2.1 (

Bruce Perens writes: MariaDB is releasing MaxScale 2.1, a new version of their database routing proxy, and has modified its timed-transition-to-Open-Source Business Source License to make it more acceptable to the Open Source community and more easily usable by other companies. I've blogged the issues I had with the license and how MariaDB has fixed them, and Kaj Arno has blogged the MariaDB side of the story.

Comment This case doesn't have legs (Score 1) 640

What a horrible thing it is for these two people to die. The lady's father, however, does not have a case. It's only going to be necessary to show the degree to which the lady was intoxicated, and no judge or jury is going to be swayed by allegations that the cause of death is at all related to the power of the car relative to other cars.

Comment Re:That's a lot of wasted water (Score 1) 457

You may not believe it's a desert due to irrigation.

The central valley survives on water inputs from outside and can't sustain itself on the available water. That's a desert. Much of the land has subsided by 10 feet or more as ground water has been drawn out, and municipalities are commonly drilling 1000-foot-deep wells to have a hope of their being reliable.

Comment Re:Political fallout (Score 1) 457

I think the emergency spillway was one of those things that is required, and that nobody associated with building the dam expected that it would ever actually have to be used. You don't design something meant to be used that hydromines an entire hillside the first time you use it.

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