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Comment Is it the phone or the stupid stuff installed on i (Score 4, Insightful) 484

Every phone seems to have this same issue, but it is not the phones fault. It's the fault of what the owner installs on it. My wifes galaxy mega was great at first, but now that she has all these stupid games installed it is buggy and needs to be restarted regularly.

Comment People don't do this anymore? (Score 1) 36

Every machine that I buy, I always start off by wiping the OS and doing a fresh install. Is that not common practice? I've never met anyone with a lenovo for their at home use, always dell's or hp's. And anyone that I've met that did have a lenovo used it just for business. Don't business's hire competent IT guys? Anyone who knows anything knows that the easiest way to get rid of the garbage is just to reload the OS.

Comment Re:Boston Representing (Score 2) 397

I live in Dracut, MA and I can tell you that we certainly have over 2 feet of snow here. Some of our snow drifts are as deep as 4.5 feet, and thats just what is in our yard. The wind is still blowing rather hard and the snow is still coming down pretty strongly. Some news stations are saying that Dracut has gotten the worst of this storm. I'm just lucky that we have not lost power.

Comment Re:Can't get there from here (Score 2) 709

I partially agree. The part the I agree about is I used QBasic back in '95 and I have never learned another language since. I love basic programming and I have never stepped away from it because I have never had a need to. Trying to learn any C derivative while being an at home father is impossible. The part I disagree about, although I have no grounds to speak since I only know basic programming and I should just STFU, is that basic is a very good stepping stone. If I had more time or any money to goto school then I would already have a decent foot in the door with other languages because I understand how a program works and how logic is with computers. If I were to try and learn C (or any derivative from scratch) then I would be overwhelmed very easily. There is too much to learn with C (or it's derivatives) all at once. At least with basic I can learn and understand how subroutines work. I can understand program structure without having to worry about including libraries or .h files for what I desire to do. Basic is a very good stepping stone, but if you dont have motivation then someone may never get beyond it.

Comment Re:ok .. You are an idiot (Score 2) 195

You obviously don't know crap about the wii scene. The wii is the most open console right now. You can easily use a hombrew app like BlueDump to get whatever VC games you want onto an SD card in wad form. You can easily copy all of your saved games onto SD card. And hell, you can even use bushings betwiin app to convert a nand dump from one wii to be compatible on another and then EVERYTHING is there just the way you had it.

Comment Re:Just want to point out (Score 0, Redundant) 560

Just to let you know, a short message like this can have a LOT of meaning for spies and such that are using things like "one time pads". Also keep in mind, there was just recently a bunch of spies found in the USA that were russian. I am sure that there is still more lurking around. All of the recent activity on UVB-76 would be easy to assume that this is sort of a communications hub for the covert spies in other countries. I have listened to UVB-76 a lot recently and have recorded some strange stuff on it including data transmissions and morse code. I uploaded the sound files to a torrent that can be found here at http://tinyurl.com/uvb76 Take a listen if you'd like. I'm listening to UVB-76 at this moment and there are strange things coming through and I can find the right band to gather what is going on.

Submission + - SparkFun FreeDay MEGA Slam DDoS

DeadlyFoez writes: If you have not heard, SparkFun was having a free give away of $100 credit towards an order for the first 1,000 orders for a total give away of $100,000. Well they did not see this coming. SparkFun has been completely inaccessible. They have halted servers numberous times to try to shut down certain features of their website. They just recently Upgraded their server and wanted to test them out using FreeDay. This was one of the most epic failures in internet history

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