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The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Virtual Money and a story Legal Finacial Terrorism

Long time /. reader, I even post now and again, never a journal though. This frustrating issue puzzles me greatly. On to the journal. How do banks allows companies to withdraw money that isn't actually there? A debit by a company on an account with no money, is actually virtual currency. But technically, since the money isn't in the bank, how is it allowed to be used as a withdrawal? This form of e-currency is allowed by the banks, because consumers accounts can go belo

Comment Re:you lost me at hello (Score 1) 555

math = logic, or the ability to compute logical thought. 1+1=2=3-2+1
there fore, is it logical to assume that people who cannot understand math cannot understand logic (or vice-versa).
its an interesting viewpoint that i can logically relate to. sadly, logic is not taught below the college level, which I feel is a great travesty; that people have to wait so long to learn something so simple and yet so profound.
I also logically know my grammar is not good, and that a travesty in itself.
Id enjoy getting my teaching cert in order to teach logic to high school or middle school kids.

The Mathletes and the Miley Photoshop 555

Frequent Slashdot contributor Bennett Haselton's essay this week is about "A Tennessee man is arrested for possessing a picture of Miley Cyrus's face superimposed on a nude woman's body. In a survey that I posted on the Web, a majority of respondents said the man violated the law -- except for respondents who say they were good at math in school, who as a group answered the survey differently from everyone else." Continue on to see how.

Comment Re:Is this some kind of viral advertising or what? (Score 1) 118

thats the problem, is there is no originality. i ran a mud for 6 years. learned to code by myself. I miss it so bad. starting with a 100k mud file and broadening it out to over 10 megs is no easy feat. ive played more mmo's then i care to count, or remember. honestly, I almost prefer mudding, as it was original, or felt original. we made our own critters, how we wanted. we did not have to worry about ip rights, on a store area, for something someone else made. what is worse, is that these mmo dev teams, make the same mistakes for years on end, over and over. they dont learn from their mistakes (or others). all they can do is border them selves inside a box with someone elses ideas and attempt to run with it. whats worse, is they only do it half assed. lord of the rings, wow, warhammer, conan, star trek, the list of ip rights goes on and on. everquest, uo, camelot, that was original.

Comment as i see it.... (Score 1) 353

instead of cable companies cutting back on the internet that we love.

why not cut back on the 200+ channels of stupid stuff we never watch but are forced to pay for each month as part of our 'satellite and or cable plan' which offers a multitude of useless shows and entire channels.

think of the money and bandwidth they would save.

I wouldnt mind paying for metered bandwidth, IF it was a 2 way street. so If I wanted to only pay for showtime, tnt, the weather channel, the history channel and the discovery channel, that would be my bill every month for these channels. THEN I would not mind paying for metered bandwidth.

Give and take is a 2 way street.

how ever, us giving them our money and them taking away our service doesnt work.

this has been flawed for a long time, they keep shoving these changes down our throats, and we continue to let them.

and we wonder why the economy is screwed. because were a nation of enabilist consumers who enable consumption.

Intermediate-Mass Black Hole Found In Omega Centauri 89

esocid sends us to the European Space Agency's site for news of a new discovery that appears to resolve the long-standing mystery surrounding Omega Centauri, the largest and brightest globular cluster in the sky. The object is 17,000 light-years distant and is located just above the plane of the Milky Way. Seen from a dark rural area in the southern hemisphere, Omega Centauri appears almost as large as the full moon. What the researchers discovered is a black hole of 40,000 solar masses in the cluster's center. From the press release: "Images obtained with the Advanced Camera for Surveys onboard the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and data obtained by the GMOS spectrograph on the Gemini South telescope in Chile show that Omega Centauri appears to harbor an elusive intermediate-mass black hole in its center... Exactly how Omega Centauri should be classified has always been a contentious topic. It was first listed in Ptolemy's catalog nearly two thousand years ago as a single star. Edmond Halley reported it as a nebula in 1677. In the 1830s the English astronomer John Herschel was the first to recognize it as a globular cluster. Now, more than a century later, this new result suggests Omega Centauri is not a globular cluster at all, but a dwarf galaxy stripped of its outer stars. According to scientists, these intermediate-mass black holes could turn out to be baby supermassive black holes."

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