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Comment Re:Love KDE (Score 3, Insightful) 663

KDE is my favorite. It's configurable and lets me set up my desktop the way I want. When I switched to dual monitors it was easy to configure a new task bar and menu bar at the top of the screen. The apps are great. Amarok kicks ass, Digikam is awesome, I can still get on irc easily with konversation, or have chats with anyone on facebook or msn etc, browse, email, torrent, everything. I'm also happy with the progress they're making on the cloud front with owncloud ... best desktop ever.

Comment Re:After a month of daily use... (Score 1) 911

to each their own. I prefer the netbook. An Asus 1005PE is great for streaming TV shows from the web. Watching TV using XBMC (I have a mythtv server at home). Browsing the web, reading blogs and articles, emailing. I can hook up a mouse to it, copy pictures from my camera using the built in card reader. Browse the net anywhere using the WiFi or tether it with my phone and use 3G. It's battery life is awesome 14 hours, It's build quality is great. The price is amazing, $370 here in Hong Kong. I guess it depends how you use the device. a lot of things I mentioned wouldn't work on the iPad. I loved the iPad's idea, and I wanted a tablet for the longest time, but a netbook was more flexible, cheaper, and easier to use.

Comment Re:You will have to know tech either way (Score 1) 592

Note that it's not the workers who should accommodate the manager so he can do his work, it should be the other way around. The manager should manage, so the workers can work.

If you think that managers are there for you to work you're one of the people I won't want to work with, and I'm a programmer too. It's about _working together_. If you can't work with the team, you're not going to be helping at all.

Comment Re:Is this a US-only thing? (Score 1) 616

Or are things just different in Singapore?

I've worked at 4 different jobs in Singapore, and the notice period is always 4 weeks in the employment contract. I've seen a lot of ex-colleague giving notice and I've done it myself, and in every case we've all continued to go to work during the 4 weeks. Typically, we will continue to do our usual work professionally for 2 weeks and spend the last 2 weeks handing over. It is also customary for the company to wish the ex-employee all the best at the new job and generally the department will organize a sending-off lunch party.

Same thing happens here in Hong Kong, but I think you already knew that :P


Cocoa-Like JavaScript Framework Announced 188

TwilightSentry writes "Ars Technica reports that a group of developers has created an Objective-C-like extension to JavaScript along with a class library mirroring Cocoa. They've used these to release an impressive demo app called 280 Slides. The article notes, 'Whereas SproutCore seeks to "embrace the platform" by giving a Cocoa-like development model for developers already using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make a web app, Cappuccino and Objective-J take an entirely different approach. "Since Cappuccino runs entirely on the client, at run time, we're never actually generating HTML or CSS," says Boucher. "When you build an application in Cappuccino, you don't need to ever deal with HTML or CSS. All of your interface is designed in Objective-J and Cappuccino. Cappuccino focuses on application architecture more than anything else, like building applications that know how to save and open documents, or copy and paste. We also built a powerful graphics engine into Cappuccino, so you can make rich applications like 280 Slides."' The developers plan to release the framework and preprocessor as open source. No mention is made of a specific license."

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