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Comment Re:Error in TFA (Score 1) 156

Wow... As a med school student, you should know that DM II symptomatically is excessive or low glucose in the body. Hence the reason for testing using blood. DKA is primarily keytones (sp?) in the urine. The only reason I know this is d/t Type 1 myself. All hospital testing I've seen and been part of is blood, no urine.

Now, in all honesty, I'm not sure what the testing differences is for DM Type 2, so I could be very off. Most of my own patients use blood for testing as well. I think the only reason for urine testing is for very excessive glucose. We're talking 1000+ BG. Once DKA sets in, you can test urine for those keytones to determine BG. The good news is that I'll be the first to say that I could be wrong.

Comment Re:Standard Scientology practice (Score 3, Interesting) 628

So what I'm gathering from you is that the moral decline of the US is due to a lack of religious communities? I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to strongly disagree with you there, and point out Westboro as well as anti-abortion protesters. I will agree that there are a number of good people in the world attempting to good deeds, but there are more than enough idiots with "God Hates Fags" posters absolutely destroying our ability to communicate effectively. Yes, while some atheists detest religious organizations, there are a greater number that simply don't care. They just don't feel a need to believe in some arbitrary Judeo-Christian lifestyle.

As an aside, I've seen plenty of Radicals around the world. In my opinion, the original Bill of Rights got things right the first time around. You believe in whatever invisible sky man you want, I'll take mine, and we'll go about our merry way. Blaming a decline of morals around a lack of religious communities, honestly, reeks of religious superiority. You take your sky man, and leave me alone. I'm a good enough person without religion, and I'll continue to be that way despite of your mongering for more religion.

Comment Re:Repeating history (Score 2) 266

Here's the thing: China has become very well known for making deals to get modern and/or cutting edge technology without having to do the R&D. That is a boon for American companies for short term profits. It also significantly ups the ante for competition within the Chinese market.
The problem that I see for China is that without having to do the R&D, they get the current tech, understand it, maybe make some improvements to that tech. However, I'm not sure if China has the capability to keep up with other global companies, companies that are investing for future technologies. If China doesn't steal those plans, they'll start to fall behind again, which creates a nice purchasing loop for those global companies.
Those Chinese companies may be able to make and improve these commercial airliners, making them cheaper than anyone else, but they won't have the drop on the next new thing, which most global companies are looking for and are investing in.

Comment Tucson native here (Score 3, Informative) 2166

I was born and raised in Tucson, this type of crime rarely happens. Most people usually hear about crime in Phoenix. Anyways, appears there were multiple suspects in the shooting. 4+ people dead, local sheriff reports that Giffords was gravely wounded, some reports that she's dead, others that she's in surgery. Local newspaper has story up now, No matter what your political affiliation, murder is still murder. I've heard one report that Giffords was shot point-blank in the head. I think it's time to really consider leaving the US before this sort to stupid political strife becomes a full blown civil war...

Comment Re:DOD Guidlines. Re:"The only fireproof (Score 1) 527

The actual correct destruction method is as follows:

1. For floppy disks, remove the plastic covering and shred the disk. It's highly recommended that you use the bulk eraser prior to shredding the disk.
2. For hard drives, bulk eraser multiple times, followed by destruction of the drive. It's been a while since I saw the video, but literally tearing the drive apart is required.

FWIW, I was never in the DoD, I did some short contractor work and was required to watch a video on the proper discard of storage devices. It was a really bad imitation of Bill Nye for DoD types.

Comment DTV? Hahahaha (Score 1, Redundant) 591

This is just another item in a long list of stuff that I'm happy to be rid of. Just canceled my cable TV, and no intention of watching shows anymore. I'd rather buy DVDs/BluRay or rent new stuff from Netflix, etc. I can say that I'm quite happy to get rid of the cable box. I've still got broadband, and that's all I'll need.

Comment Re:More FOSS developers (Score 1) 506

I disagree, and here's why: with all that Microsoft knowledge, FOSS can't take them. There's no way to determine whether code that came out of the head of Microsoft engineer is free from Microsoft patents. That engineer may know enough of the closed source code to keep that out of FOSS, but there's still no guarantees. You really want to hire that engineer?

Comment Re:Cutting off my Long Hair (Score 1) 301

Not always true, I've got about a 12" pony tail as well, complete with eyebrow and tongue piercings. I don't think my boss cares for them much, but I get my work done, so he can't complain.
Hair does not define oneself, but can be used to help define personality. Long hair and piercing just suits me well, and most people understand that when they hop in my car and have to deal with speed metal the whole trip.

Comment Ha ha (Score 3, Insightful) 300

Sorry, but no sympathy for this guy. It's his company's equipment which was hacked. His telecom company isn't responsible for his equipment, and if they're nice, they'll alert him to the calls. They make money when those calls are made, and why should they be responsible for alerting a customer who's making phone calls. Yes, the calls are going to Bulgaria, but that doesn't mean a telco should alert every person when they make a phone call overseas.

Comment Re:Immortality is scary (Score 0) 359

I would agree with you that you can acquire wealth from other means, but even wealth is a finite resource, we can only print so much money. Additionally, said wealth is usually has a basis in real world resources. A real estate magnate can't create more real estate, they can only purchase the real estate of others. In that sense, death is one of but a very few means to acquire more real estate.

Arranging Electronic Access For Your Survivors? 335

smee2 writes "In the past, when a family member died, you could look through their files and address books to find all the people and businesses that should be notified that the person is deceased. Now the hard-copy address book is becoming a thing of the past. I keep some contact information in a spreadsheet, but I have many online friends that I only have contact with through web sites such as Flickr. My email accounts have many more people listed than my address book spreadsheet. I have no interest in collecting real world info from all my online contacts. The sites where I have social contact with people from around the world (obviously) require user names and passwords. Two questions: 1. How do you intend to let the executors of your estate or family members know which online sites/people you'd like them to notify of your demise? 2. How are you going to give access to the passwords, etc. needed to access those sites in a way that doesn't cause a security concern while you're still alive?"

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