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Comment Good place to start is these collections (Score 1) 1244

Gollancz in the UK have 2 series, Science Fiction Masterworks and Fantasy Masterworks. There's a good selection of well known and forgotten books in the series. The SF mostly covers from the 1950's onwards while the Fantasy version goes back as far as Dunsany & Eddison. PS looks like pricing bots have had their way with new copies of them on Amazon.

Comment George Hotz OtherOS Crack Jan 2010 (Score 1) 534

The removal of the OtherOS option was not the reason for the current crack. The OtherOs was removed because George Hotz figured out a crack involving the OtherOS option. He released that crack in Jan 2010 and Sony removed the option in March 2010. The current cracker crew cracked it in 9 months while having 3 years of people exploring lots of dead ends for them to ignore. Yes, a small percentage of people will use the now open PS3 to run homebrew. 99.99% of people will use the crack to run pirate games. Free always trumps $.

Comment Re:occam's razor (Score 1) 973

The initial killings are not the problem. It does appear to be a case of wrong place, wrong time for the reporters. The outrage is the killing of the Good Samaritans who saw a wounded man crawling the road, stopped to help him and were executed for it.

Comment Re:That's not a rack-mounted server (Score 2, Informative) 160

As a former Dell Server operator, systems of that type were expected to be built in 8 to 10 minutes from motherboard install, rear fan, processor, heatsink, ram, CD drive(s), floppy drive, harddrive(s)and cards. And a quick test to make sure it boots. And the guy in the video forgot to connect the floppy drive.

Submission + - Infinity Ward Wars (

DeWinterZero writes: is reporting that that Infinity Ward, creators of the billion dollar selling Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, have lost their studio heads due to allegations of "breaches of contract and insubordination." The owner/publisher is Activision. Its the latest controvery in a long run since the release of the game in November.

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