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Comment Re:Better to spend on education than salaries (Score 1) 196

There's a similar shortage in construction. I can't find someone to rebuild my from porch (for $1k total), to redo my baths rooms (for under $500 each) or to put a few good size rooms in my attic (what, $1.5k should be reasonable, right?). I also have a 2 story carrage house that need to be rebuilt and modernized with better wiring and wider stairs. (That should $3k tops, right?)

We clearly need more people trained in construction in this country.

Comment Re:Let's see Watson get it *wrong*. (Score 1) 83

Define "wrong". Watson might make 10 recommendations. For each it provides the information, references and "reasoning" it used to come to the conclusion. In the end the doctor always makes the choice. When a doctor doesn't take the top recommendation and goes with say recommendation 2, you ask the doctor what Watson had wrong and add to Watson's reference information.

The important point though is the doctor is still the one who decides the diagnosis. Watson is just a tool to help find more pieces of information that fit together well.

This goes in your mouth ... this one goes in your ear ... and this one goes in your butt.
Hang on a second....

Comment Re:Cue the hipocrisy... (Score 1) 412

I'm not going to be crying "Russians!" and I have a lot I'd like to say on the topic of the NSA. On the other hand, I've a planned vacation coming up and I'd hate for the family to be denied boarding passes as retribution for saying something too negative about the wrong people. It's already bad enough that I read Linux Journal as a part keeping up on topics for my job.

But screw principles. We need to believe in Paladins with absolute power to make somebody feel safe.

Comment Re:Fascinating to watch (Score 1) 403

I hadn't heard of them until I heard Chris Matthews mention them as evidence that the mainstream media wasn't mostly liberal. On a later night he slammed them as not being a legitimate news source. I can't say I know anything about Breitbart, but I think I learned something unsurprising about Matthews.

Comment Re:The Police State expands (Score 1) 41

And the useful idiots think that Mrs. Clinton is their friend.

As a European I'm not a fan of either of the candidates, but do we have any reason to assume Trump is any better?

Well, for starters, please don't mistake this as an endorsement. Though I know I can't vote for her, I don't think I'll be able to vote for him when I'm standing in the booth. I'd have to look in the mirror the next morning and I'll need to explain to my kids how I could do that and still have principles.

That out of the way, if Hillary gets elected she will be corrupt. I base that on past behavior. She will not meet meaningful resistance from the Legislature or Judicial. I base that on prior, recent observations. She won't have any resistance from federal investigators and will likely be shielded by them. I base that on recent observations and the fact that they will answer to her. Misdeeds will not be investigated or meaningfully be reported by the major media outlets. Most likely the worst details will be buried. I base that on prior, recent observations.

Trump has no friends in the Legislature. The Democrats do not like him. Many Republicans can't even tolerate him when pinching their nose. (Again, I'm referring to the Legislature, not the voting public.) I doubt the Judicial will give in to Trump's feeble "Reality Distortion Field" either. The press despise him and will be ready to report every misdeed, misstatement, breach of etiquette, fashion faux pas, inopportune sneeze, twitch and blemish non-stop around the clock. Trump will not be able to get away with picking his nose while standing in front of a window at the White House.

tl;dr Trump might be better because he will not be allowed to get away with anything. He would probably even make impeachment fashionable again. In contrast, Hillary is the favorite daughter of the Illuminati.

I still don't think I could vote for either of them.

Comment Good (Score 1) 656

Now the tech industry needs to do the same to those who don't recommend open source community development for important systems like those in cars, medical equipment, weapons systems, voting equipment, etc. The list goes on. The actual security and quality of code is never going to diminish because the number of people who can inspect it increases. The opposite is not true.

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