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Comment Re:Pale Moon is very nice (Score 1) 225

I've been considering Palemoon more and more lately, but I have to admit. I've come to like Australis. (I didn't mean to. I started using it at work. The menu bar is gone unless I press alt. I have the nav buttons, address bar, a few indicator and high use icons and the hamburger button. In the hamburger button I have a few lower use icons. Everything I don't use is gone. It's easy to tweak.) I do wish I could keep that so I wasn't eager to try PM.

Firefox has killed a number of things I like. It sounds like most of the addons I depend on won't be there (at least any time soon) when XUL is removed. If I'm going to be left to rebuild a work flow, I figure I might as well try other alternatives. I can't trust Mozilla anymore. They've given up on Extensions. They gave up on open (non-proprietary) web standards with EME/DRM support. They don't respect users any more. They really have no purpose anymore.

Comment Re:"Once stuff is installed the jobs are gone." (Score 1) 415

Your explanation reminds me of people who where trying to turn our town into a shipping hub for sand to be used in frac mining. They were promising riches from a booming market. When asked they would say the demand was unlimited as they get a thousand yard stare and start talking about the promise of millions to be had for the town. A year later we were reading about about the ship yard on the river being backed up with mined sand because the frac miners learned how to decrease their "unlimited" demand.

I expect we'll have to switch over to something renewable and at the moment, solar+batteries seems the most plausible. But you're making it sound like a too good to be true sales pitch.

Comment Re: But don't worry... (Score 1) 90

In 2014 expected life for a phone given the subsidy model was 20-24 mo.

Which is why people are complaining about the forced upgrades. Now I'll complain about unnecessary obsolescence. I don't care how often someone else wants by to buy stuff. I won't buy anything where I know the vendor with force updates that will needlessly cripple the product. (Which is why I have never bought apple.)

Comment Re:99.9% perfection X 14 million lines = 14,000 fl (Score 1) 236

I wouldn't trust Rust. It's written by those same error prone programmers who haven't got the brains to write secure code. How many lines of code is in the Rust compiler & library. How much of that must be flawed? That'll get passed on to every program that uses it. We need to stop using buggy software written by mentally deficient programmers to write security critical software. It's the only way to be sure.

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