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Comment Clearly this is how Skynet begins! (Score 1) 161

So you say you have this technology that creates words that people never actually said.
But it sounds just like their voice.
Clearly this is how Skynet begins!

Sarah: "No, I can't tell you where I am mom. I was told not to say."
Mom: "Oh, but honey, I need to know where I can reach you. You tell me to hide out here in the cabin like some kind of fugitive and you won't tell me what's going on? I am worried sick dear."
Sarah: "Ok. Here's the number...."
Mom: "Ok. Go ahead.... Uh-huh. I've got it."
Sarah: "I love you mom."
Mom: "I love you too sweetheart."

And, this is just early days. Real terminators don't need to hear twenty minutes worth of a voice to duplicate it. Do you really think he sat down and spoke to Sarah's mom for twenty minutes?

Submission + - Boot Linux (or OpenBSD or Oberon or FreeDOS) in your browser (

DeQueue writes: Back in 2011 Fabrice Bellard, the initiator of the QEMU emulator, wrote a PC emulator in JavaScript that let you boot Linux in your browser.

But he didn't stop there. On his website he now has images that let you boot Oberon, Arch Linux, FreeDOS, OpenBSD, Solar OS and more recent versions of Linux such as 2.6 or 3.18 (the 3.18 image includes internet access). You can also boot to a CD image, or a floppy image, or a hard drive disk image on your local machine.

And, if you don't need yet another operating system on your computer, you can even boot to Bootchess and play chess.

Submission + - SPAM: Poll: When verifying the checksum on a downloaded file, I usually

DeQueue writes: Poll: When verifying the checksum on a large downloaded file, I usually
1) verify using only MD5 sums
2) verify using only SHA1
3) verify both the MD5 and the SHA1 sums and maybe some others
4) use md5sum, but really, I only check a couple of digits in the checksum
5) use shasum, but really, I only check a couple of digits in the checksum
6) just download it twice and see if they're the same
7) Real users don't verify checksums. They just use whatever bits they get.
8) Cowboy Neal checks my checksums for me

Link to Original Source

Submission + - SPAM: Preferred method of handling supposedly identical files 1

DeQueue writes: fc
Print both files and compare using eyeballs
Delete either one; it probably doesn't matter
My filesystem automatically takes care of any duplicate files

Submission + - SPAM: Poll submission: Your Favorite Vehicular "Go" phrase

DeQueue writes: Poll submission: Your Favorite Vehicular "Go" Phrase?
(1) Main engine start. Three. Two. One. Launch commit. Liftoff! We have liftoff!
(2) Engage!
(3) Launch vipers.
(4) Lock S-foils in attack position.
(5) There's something coming through the wormhole.
(6) Strap yourselves in. I'm going to make the jump to light speed.
(7) Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed.
(8) For God's sake, strap yourselves down!
(9) Go, go, gadget tires!
Answer key: (1) NASA (2) Star [spam URL stripped] Next Generation (3) Battlestar Galactica (4) Star Wars (5) Star [spam URL stripped] (6) Han Solo (7) Batman (8) Flash Gordon (9) Inspector Gadget

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Gnucash 2.2.0 released, now stable for windows (

Optic7 writes: I just happened to visit Gnucash's site to download it and noticed that they have just released the new stable version, 2.2.0, today. This also marks the first stable Gnucash release for Windows. It seems that the Windows port is also the main feature of this new release. If you are not familiar with Gnucash, it is an open source alternative to Quicken and Microsoft Money. Visit their website to read more, or head straight for the downloads.
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Babies starved while parents game (

AccioBrain writes: A Reno couple has pleaded guilty to child neglect after their two children, both under the age of two, were found starving. Prosecutor Kelli Ann Viloria said,

"They had food; they just chose not to give it to their kids because they were too busy playing video games."
An online version of the RPG Dungeons & Dragons was cited as the couple's main distraction. This comes just a few weeks after the AMA decided to review its classification of gaming addiction as a mental disorder.

First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Duke Nukem Forever Solidifying?

BlueMonk writes: "Browsing Best Buy's web site today, one may be surprised to find an offer to pre-order something that a lot of people may be hesitant to place as a pre-order considering its past. It looks like they think Duke Nukem Forever will be coming out in December and are feeling good enough about it to start taking orders."
Linux Business

Submission + - Tech writers spreading FUD about GPLv3 1

Tookis writes: Tech writers are spreading FUD about GPLv3 because they fear its take up will slow the adoption of Linux, according to this open source writer. "A large number of tech writers — I wouldn't call them journalists and sully my own profession — are fearful that the licence will slow adoption of Linux in the workplace. And that would lead to a lessening of their own importance and influence."

Attacking Sandboxes 110

SkiifGeek writes "Many anti-malware applications use a sandbox as a tool to help identify potentially malicious software. Now knowledge is spreading about techniques and methods that can allow sandboxed software to target the sandbox itself (and by extension the application that applied it). While attacks that specifically target sandboxing applications are probably a little way off, this technology can be considered the logical extension of techniques and procedures to identify the presence of hosted systems (VMWare, Virtual PC, etc.)."

Submission + - Magic inside: Intel's new Penryn chip

Z80xxc! writes: The Oregonian has an interesting story regarding Intel's new Penryn chip, currently the fastest one out there, and totally redesigned. Although they aren't yet being sold, Intel expects them to be available by the end of the year.

They worked in secret, 600 of Intel's top engineers, forbidden even from telling their families what they were doing.

Their task was nothing less than the reinvention of the microprocessor, "open-heart surgery" on the electronic brain that will do the thinking in several generations of computers to come.

Although this chip itself is not news, this is the first time that Intel has really opened up on the details of what they did to build it. Original story | Print version (no ads)

Submission + - Are laptops OK on bicycles? (

bshell writes: I commute to work by bicycle and I've been strapping my PowerBook to the bike rack carrier on the back of my bike. It's enclosed in a typical computer carry bag, and strapped down by bungie cords, but it gets all the road vibrations on there. After years, there seems to be no adverse effects. Do other Slashdot readers concur? Does anyone think that subjecting a laptop computer to the daily bumps and bangs of a bicycle commute is harmful to the machine, or are laptop computers fundamentally constructed to handle this sort of treatment? Your experiences might be instructive to other readers.

Submission + - Security Scanner Can See Through Clothes

mikesd81 writes: "The Associated Press has an article about Sky Harbor International Airport becoming the country's first to begin testing a controversial new federal screening system that takes X-rays of passenger's bodies in an effort to find concealed explosives and other weapons. From the article: "Critics have said the high-resolution images created by the "backscatter" technology are too invasive. But the Transportation Security Administration adjusted the equipment to make the image look something like a line drawing, while still detecting concealed weapons."

The machines is only supposed to be a backup for when passengers fail a metal detector scan. However, they do get an option of a pat-down or the x-ray machine. Passengers selected for screening by the device are asked to stand in front of the closet-size X-ray unit with the palms of their hands facing out. Then they must turn around for a second screening from behind. The procedure takes about a minute. Critics say the altered image is ineffective and the full image is invasion of privacy."

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