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Comment Long hard road with no computer (Score 1) 515

Starting in 7th grade I learned to code from Calcu-letter articles in Popular Science, my "programmable" TI-55 calculator, the description of BASIC from the back of my Algebra 1 book in 9th grade, BYTE magazine in the school library, my dad's Fortran programming assignment from a college class he was taking (punch card era). Problem was I didn't have a computer. When I was a junior in highschool I got my first "real" computer a Sinclair ZX-81 with 1k of ram. When I was a senior in highschool I was able to take a programming "class" with TRS-80 Model III computers. The teacher was a history major. He learned more from me than I did form him. After that it was Pascal as a freshman in college, VAX-C on a VMS system as a sophomore, and finally C on a Unix system as a Junior. I took a networking class as an undergraduate, but had no internet connection until I was in grad school.

Comment Much Ado about nothing, considering TRAINS (Score 3, Insightful) 235

How much sleep have you lost over the engineering decision to make trains so large and heavy that the simply CAN'T stop for pedestrians and other vehicles. Yeah, I thought so. People will kvetch about how self driving cars are programmed right up until they become every-day objects an after that they'll be just as accepted (benefits AND dangers) as trains are today.

Comment Fewer Windows (Score 1) 435

People still have windows in their houses even though they aren't strictly necessary. My guess would be that there will be fewer, more understated windows. Police are gonna be pissed that 1) they can't make money writing tickets anymore because the cars all do what they're supposed to and 2) they can't see inside to see if you're black or not.

Comment Become a capitalist (Score 1) 420

Use the money you're making while you still have a job to cram your 401k and IRS full of at least a few hundred k and preferably a million or more. Invest it in interest bearing bonds or dividend paying stocks. When your job finally gets off-shored, set up "Substantially Equal Periodic Payments"(google it) and live off that and do what the fuck you feel like doing. You might have to move to a smaller city if you get a late start, but it beats working even the coolest job. Hardest part is pitching it to your wife. You may have to replace her if she can't stand the idea that you get money without having to work.

Comment You don't understand Republicans (Score 2) 739

The author of this article obviously doesn't understand how republicans think. Areas that vote republican these do so because they are trying to suppress the (often sizable) minority of poor black people who live in their area. So the republicans in Mississippi, for example, don't WANT the poor black people in Mississippi to have health insurance. Especially if there is any possibility that it will cost them a penny anywhere, ever. The results of this survey make perfect sense if you look at it from that perspective.

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