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Comment Re:Fragmentation (Score 2) 50

hmm, while I get your point, I think that's not quite fair. I've been a user of Mint for a while, then went back to Ubuntu when Ubuntu Mate came into play. Now I'm back on Mint Cinnamon due to the fact that Cinnamon works great on a 4K HDPI laptop. I'm just not into KDE, really don't like Unity and Mate doesn't handle 4K well. Mint Cinnamon handles 4k quite well, has all the other advantages of Ubuntu and has an even better update system. So IMO it's a lot more than just a skin

Comment Re:What is the driving forces? (Score 4, Insightful) 205

, and no real UI improvements or new features.

Which is exactly the point. Those 'improvements' are to many just an unnecessary complication. The UI of W2K was fine, WinXp could be set to look like it it.

I've put some family members on Ubuntu Mate. They love, they just use the computer for internet. The UI is more familiar than Windows 10, it doesn't get slower over time and there is a lot less worry for them for malware.

Comment Re:To Stop History Repeating Itself (Score 1) 535

The EU shouldn't take any punitive measures. Those will only give the leavers an excuse for why things are going badly. "we were right, but we're being boycotted by the nasty EU".

Although in the end it doesn't matter much since we've seen how little facts matter anyway. It'll be the EU's fault anyway...

Comment Re: Having used Android, iOS and Windows Phone... (Score 1) 242

Ah well.. I just remember another thing that happened first on iOS before Android.. tethering. iOS had it in 3.0 mid 2009, Android got it in 2.2, mid 2010.

Huh? I've had tethering on my Android when iOS still had to be jail breaked to get tethering. That was the most importing feature my Apple friends were jealous about.

Comment Re:Why bother (Score 1) 163

because of Oracle...

In many organisations for whatever reason the choice is often limited to MS-SQL and Oracle. Also many applications you can buy support MS SQL or Oracle.
In corporate dollars, running it on Linux can be a lot cheaper. The license costs are not so much the issue. If you have a good Unix team, maintenance costs per server can be a lot cheaper.
And if OS is not a factor, MS SQL vs Oracle can be very tempting. Technically Oracle may be ahead, but their license schemes would make Tony Soprana blush. If you don't need the extra Oracles features, MS SQL can be a very tempting proposition. Lot's of companies would love to leave Oracle because of their license thuggery. Lot's of them don't even run Oracle on virtualised servers due to the stupid licenses.

This means that MS SQL can be a much stronger competitor to Oracle, and that can mean this can be a major cash cow. To me, regardless of good press with the open source fans, MS choice to port MS SQL to Linux may financially be a very smart choice. They may loose a few MS Server licenses, but might end up with selling a lot of MS SQL licenses.

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