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Comment Re:what's wrong with systemd (Score 2) 533

You have a pretty good argument about SystemD here, and I want to use it to highlight why I consider systemD especially bad, as software goes.

- It breaks expectations of experienced Unix/Linux users. Where somebody was accustomed to interact with the system a certain way, e.g. having console logging and log files available to cat/grep/etc, systemD changes that. Programs should be designed for human usage - if it breaks already established human interfaces, it drives up the learning curve, and that is bad. We are overstressed with too much information as it is.

- Non-deterministic. If reordering the startup daemons breaks the system, systemD is at fault. You're saying that it's my fault for having broken systemD configuration. I want to remind you that a program should help me out, not raise barriers for me. If I write a configuration, test it, verifies that it works, and then two weeks later it refuses to work, nothing changed, this is horrible design - how was I even supposed to know it will break ? When I test a program, get to run through inputs and verify the results, I don't want unexpected surprises with the program changing behaviour without me telling it to do so.

I'm not going into technical merits here. I am talking as a human interacting with a machine - the behaviour of the systemD-driven machine is horrible.

Would you even drive a car that randomly speeds up a bit before breaking when you hit the breaks, because it thought it would get me a bit faster to my destination ? KISS is a principle because experience shows that simpler things work better.

Comment Why !? (Score 1, Insightful) 114

I don't understand why people need to deface sites just to show ... what ? their skillz ? the poor security of the website ?! This is beyond childish, and the "authors" are probably no more than script kiddiez. As tinKode points out on his site, he wants to drive attention to security problems. In fact, if he wanted to do only that, he could privately inform the site owners about the problems he sees. He could make his own security company, and make some nice bucks out of doing this specific job he seems to enjoy. But what he does now is no better than hooliganism, and I hope he will be tracked and serve some sentence for defacing of private property or anything similar.

Comment Re:Cat Pain Tolerance (Score 2, Informative) 225

My cats would let me know when they are in pain, either chronic or acute. On chronic pain I'd see 'meow' movements of the mouth without sound, curling up on me, or increased keading. Massaging the back of the neck always helps since it triggers serotonin release and calms the cat down. Works on older cats too. I've never seen any cat making sounds on chronic pain. But this doesn't mean that the signs aren't in there if you look for them.

Comment Re:what is Google's strategic intent here? (Score 1) 343

I could bet that it will run X11 as a separate application (like OSX does).

and, I could bet that it will run something like wine, or CrossOver, to have limited support for windows application - it will even be advertised as such: " Runs Microsoft Office** ! ". Google invested quite a bunch in Wine, and the number one of reasons the Linux netbooks are returned is that Win apps are not supported - so it would be an obvious move from the part of Google to embed wine in the OS.

For the interface, it will probably run a modified version of Chrome with hooks added to control the hardware (D-Bus, much like Nokia did with maemo), and will have some kind of AIR environment to support webish application development.

** somewhat poorly, better try this nice online suite here, mmmkay ?
Data Storage

Submission + - Backup solution for home pc

Ddalex writes: I'm running into a problem with backups for my home PC. I have a fairly amount of data — about 500 Gb, ranging in importance from irreplaceable videos and photos and source code to quasi-unimportant ignored email, which still I like to keep. I'm looking for a backup solution — backing up to hard disks which get stored away is an inefficient solution, and using DVDs is time consuming and difficult.
Can you guide me to a proper solution, both hardware and software-wise ? I run Linux, and I could hack together some cron'd scripts to get automated backups, but I don't know what medium would offer long-term storage, while having big capacity; I'd like to know the pictures and videos would last enough in backups for the viewing pleasure of generations to be.

Submission + - Best Linux PVR and Media Player ?

Ddalex writes: I'm looking for a small-factor low-power consumption device that will perform a double task : PVR and media player. I want to install it at my parent's (I've moved out of the basement), and it has to be remote-controllable through a network — ssh access would be ideal. The idea for the device is to run primarily as PVR, and to allow me to push media to it, so I can share pics and short movies I take. It's also important to be controllable by a standard infrared remote control, with menu-driven structure, for easy use by my folks.

Is there any ready-made device close to what I want, or should I start looking into building my own custom PC ? I already have a MythTV box for personal use, but I find it hard to use and control. The power consumption and noise of a full-blown PC are an issue, so I'd prefer something smaller (like a set-top box) with SSD storage.

Submission + - Bush wristwatch gets stolen

Ddalex writes: "If you had any doubts why Albanians welcomed Bush so warmly, here is definitive proof they are actually seeing him as a target. In this video, if you look closely between 0:54 and 0:58 time marks, you'll see how someone from the crowd actually stoles Bush's wristwatch :)"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - How come sites are slashdotted ?

Ddalex writes: "Since I regularly started reading slashdot, a couple of years ago, I had this unanswered question... how come there are sites getting slashdotted, while nobody RTFA??? Someone help please help out this poor schmuck with your all-mighty wisdom."

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