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Comment this is an amazing thing for Id/Carmack to do (Score 5, Insightful) 283

This is an amazing gift to the FOSS community. Not only are they just deciding to give away code they don't use anymore - but they are putting SERIOUS EFFORT into making it safe to release to the community. This shows without a shadow of a doubt that Id Software are GOOD GUYS. We need to give these guys our thanks.

Submission + - 4chan hit by DDoS (

DavoMan writes: 4chan is currently down due to 'a large DDoS attack' according to a message posted on at about 4am. No information is being presented as to who is behind the attack as yet. It is down for some and not others and has been this way for me for about a day now.

Comment Re:Controlled by IT managers (Score 1) 120

my friend uses an ipad for her job and its critical. she is an insurance assessor. goes all over the city and uses the tablet to record things. in this situation:
phone size = too small
laptop = too clumsy.
thats just one example of a tablet computer in its element. another is for students. i'd much rather have a device that doesnt take up screw all room in my back pack than a netbook. you need something with an ARM cpu that can suspend/resume instantly, weighs next to nothing, and is wide enough to be like a sheet of paper. hell, if used with a stylus it would be perfect.

Comment Re:Why use a new tech? (Score 1) 186

good point. bluetooth sends out RF signals and is close range. and doesnt suffer any interference from audible stuff. although to be honest i would prefer contact payment.
whats hard about touching ya phone on something? like a spot that you touch onto the store owner's box.
and before ya say 'hacking through the i/o port' you're still sending data with RF so its no different. Just cant be eavesdropped.

Comment Dont the DACs only output sound up to 20KHz? (Score 1) 186

It will be cool hearing a little 'DoodleyBIP!' sound when ya buy things!!!!

But seriously. For this to be an advantage it would have to run as an application requiring no hardware changes, and would be subject to the same restrictions.
Like say - a limited range of frequencies (about 50Hz up to 18Khz to be conservative). Humans can hear all of that, and its even dangerous to be too loud at high frequencies.

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