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Comment Ironic (Score 1) 389

This reminds of prison break. The public can see the trial but the government has a secret trial of their own in which the decisions are one-sided. I feel bad for the guy he was working for the public interest that even cost him his ability to travel plus he is under a trial with obvious results of him being shipped to some Guantanamo, Gitmo or whatever.

Comment Interesting Development (Score 1) 108

Now that the wiki and Sony partnership is formed think of the benefits copywriters will gain from the feature of TV commercials included for their content. Furthermore their reach is also going to expand dramatically if the Tv Commercial part becomes successful on a grand scale. But not everything just as planned Lets see what happens.

Comment Specialty of Amazon (Score 1) 211

It is clear that amazon is refusing Pre-order because the increase in their credit values can result in a decrease in market value, But since the number of users increased because of more payback pre-order guarantees the leadership became more popular than ever. They even say that CEO is the man who can sell anything. I guess all this talk was not for naught but it too much pre-orders also has its drawbacks which we are looking at right now.

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