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Comment I really get this (Score 1) 522

As word-processors go, the old text mode ones rocked. Wordstar was pretty decent and I used it quite a bit back in the day before moving to the pinnacle of word processing, WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS.

I guess the only thing that would make G.R.R. Martin's statement even better is if he was using CP/M instead of DOS. ;-)

Comment Two in 20 years. (Score 1) 249

In my 20 years of IT experience, I've had precisely two managers that would fit the optimistic description in the story. The rest have been a complete waste of oxygen and usually made life much harder than it needed to be.

Alas, the Dilbert Principle is the order of the day in most Enterprises.

Comment Unable to replicate (Score 1) 135

So, out of curiosity, since I am on a Mac and using Safari as my main browser, I thought I'd see what was in the offending file. I have a in excess of 20 tabs open at the moment, a good deal of them to authenticated sites via https.

A quick test in Terminal like so:

$ strings LastSession.plist | grep -i pass

Produced 8 lines that matched, of which 6 matched on the word "passive" and the last two were urls that contained the word "ChangePassword". A more thorough search through the file did not produce any login credentials or passwords.

I should point out this is with the latest release version of Safari 7.0 (9537.71)

Comment This is why exclusivity deals are a bad idea (Score 1) 543

Considering that most modern democratic nations in the western world tend to subscribe to the free-market capitalistic world-view, I really don't understand how mobile carriers get away with these exclusivity deals. Not only are they tantamount to a monopoly in a particular market, but they constitute collusion between the manufacturer and the carrier.
Where are the consumer watchdogs ? Where are the anti-competition commissions ? Why isn't something being done about this anti-competitive behaviour ?

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