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Comment Re:People aren't accepting but avoiding (Score 1) 147

And even more important is the time you saved, you can watch a 45 minute show in only 23 minutes. I.e. without the fuckin' ads.

That's why I use DVR for practically everything I watch now, to skip the ads.

It used to be that there were 4 ads shown every 15 minutes. Now they are up to 6 ads, for some shows, and they have started showing mini-content (4 to 5 minutes) between two sets of ads. It's definitely at the point where a TV show is unwatchable in real time.

Comment Re:Increase gaming preformance by going back to Wi (Score 2, Informative) 129

Seriously, stop accepting Microsoft excuses and accepting their constant excuses. Windows 10 FAILED. It's Windows Vista again, but this time they're doubling down instead of cutting their loses on the worse of it and fixing it in the next edition they're just doubling down.

You do know that they did the same with Vista? Right? Windows 7 is just a re-branded version of Windows Vista. In other words, Microsoft did double-down on Vista.

Vista flopped because the PC manufacturers didn't believe Microsoft on the release date so they dragged their asses in the development of Windows drivers for the new driver model. Then when Vista was released, manufacturers were caught with their pants down. People upgrading to Vista ended up with blue-screens or just couldn't get their hardware to work. Of course, everyone blamed Microsoft.

By the time Windows 7 was released, most people had upgraded to new hardware and manufacturers had Vista/Win7 drivers available. So it was a much easier transition.

Comment Re:Good for CVS (Score 1) 372

Ok but admit that, given a choice, when your kid goes into anaphylaxis, you're not going to reach for the generic.

Given time constraints, I somehow don't think that Dad or Mom are going to run to CVS and browse for an Epipen. "Which one should we get Dear?" The only useful one is the one you have with you or the one in the ambulance.

Since there is no difference in what is in the pen and they have the same effect, there is no reason to buy the more expensive one. Either way, it's a temporary measure until you can get the person to the hospital.

Comment Re:Well better than some other startups. (Score 3, Informative) 88

Despite them not succeeding, you have to give them credit for at least refunding folks compared to other epic failures on Kickstarter. In the last year, we've also seen the number of consumer drones skyrocket leading to more "accidents" so maybe the market is starting to saturate.

This is why, in my opinion, Kickstarter, et al., should be investment based (i.e. shares). At least then you could write off losses due to failure on your tax return. What they could do is issue you shares and then provide an option to turn in those shares for the product when it ships or keep them in case the company succeeds. Of course, doing it this way would incur all kinds of legal costs, force them to make the books public, and complicate things. Which is probably why they don't do it.

Comment Re:Govt wants free money (Score 5, Interesting) 159

Uh...you broke Law 365, section A, code D! Now we get a million dollars! Muahahahah

Laugh all you want, but there is a bit of validity to the complaint.

If you compare Amazon.com (US) to Amazon.ca (Canada) you will see that Amazon.com is like a superstore, with tons of choices and multiple price points for new, used, refurb, etc., and Amazon.ca is like your corner convenience store, you're lucky if you have one choice and it may or may not be marked up higher than retail. Yes, consumers should comparison shop but it could be confusing for less experience online shoppers.

Comment Re:Sigh. (Score 2) 119

Or, take a picture of something from 3meters away and see what you get when you load that image onto a computer and zoom in to it.

Obviously you have to enhance after zooming. If you continue enhancing, you can zoom in to any image indefinitely.

Incorrect... "enhancing" isn't anything like what you see in the movies. You can't enhance infinitely. You can enhance up to a point, but after that, there just isn't enough data and you start adding artifacts and inaccuracies. You might be able to get away with some inaccuracies depending on the fingerprint reader and the matching algorithm. That's why the researchers specified a limit in distance. They also don't go into the size of the photos, but the point is that now there is enough resolution provided by digital cameras (20MP+) and phones (10MP+) today to provide the necessary level of detail at 3 meters.

Comment Re:Congrats! Apple screwed you to sell more headho (Score 1) 252

Unless someone starts producing ads like that, this Apple crap will have no chance of stopping.

PC is a Microsoft Surface with the same problems.

Nope... Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has standard ports and jacks, including a headphone jack. Maybe not enough USB ports, but it's a tablet.

Surface Pro 4 has a USB port, mini-displayport, headphone jack, Bluetooth, and Secure Digital card slot. The only thing proprietary are the charging and docking ports. You can use the USB port for a USB dock, if you need to. So that just leaves the charging cable that is proprietary.

Comment Re:double standards (Score 1) 126

Actually the EU already is after their blood money from VW

Well, the OP was complaining that whenever the EU goes after a US company, there are scores of complaints about how the EU is punishing American business for being American. This way round, there are always far fewer complaints for some reason, i.e. none.

It's indicitave of a double standard, not some fault on the part of the EU or the US.

No... It would be a double standard if the US went after an EU company for no good reason and no one complained.

In this case VW actually did something wrong. Or did you forget that they deliberately programmed their cars to cheat their way past emissions tests and breaking numerous laws while doing so?

Comment Re:Congratulations - you invented the WWW (Score 2) 73

Congratulations - you invented the World Wide Web

There is probably a tiny bit more to it than that; nothing new in running against an application server, of course, but I suppose the real story might be that networking on mobiles is now considered mature and cheap enough for this architecture to be viable. And, I don't think you can equate www with "application servers".

My thought is that this is closer to how Citrix works. WeChat is basically the Citrix client...

Comment Re:Sorry (Score 1) 232

When you said "nerd watch", thought you meant something like a "nerd alert"...

Don't wear a watch, haven't for 20 years. The Casios were cool, though.

I stopped wearing watches a long time ago, but recently started wearing them again. My thought is that you should have thee watches...

A dress watch (analog dial), for weddings, funerals, etc, a waterproof watch (dive style) for skiing, swimming, jetskiing, etc., and a nice casual watch for a night out on the town, work, etc. Because most people don't wear watches these days, people will come up and ask you what time it is and to comment on your watch (if it's a nice watch, not a cheapie plastic one) and it's a good conversation starter.

I'll probably pick up a Garmin watch for hiking because of the GPS and trail tracking capabilities. But that's as intelligent as my watches get. Smart watches don't appeal to me due to their clunky design and the lack of battery life. In addition, I prefer analog dials to digital, but that's just me...

Comment Re:Yeah, because their biz is in forced obsolesce (Score 2) 98

if you buy an apple gadget it will be supported with apple software for at least 4 years. With 3rd party softwares even longer. My 5 year old desktop (ok now it's 6, also it's an ubuntu AFS server for my apple stuffs) can't install win10. Long gone are the times when you could install m$ software on old hw...
Plus if as an IT tech guy you can't buy new gadgets every 4 years then change jobs. Pass down old stuffs to kids. Or to some elderly neighbors.

Windows 10 will install perfectly fine on almost any 5/6 year old desktop. My Dad has two generations of my old desktops and they are 7 and 10 years old and they run Windows 10 just fine. Granted, both were upgrades from Windows 7, but it proves that Windows 10 will run on older hardware just fine.

For some drivers, you may have to install the Windows NT/2K versions (i.e. turn off driver Signature Verification) and you may have to go through the process of loading them as part of the installation as it may not have them on the installation CD. But it works. You just need to do a bit of research and download the necessary drivers for the installation.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 98

Apple has suffered from a lack of progress ever since Jobs died. They are treading water... it took them 5 years to update the MacBook, and what we got was lackluster. 'Predicting' that they will succeed and Microsoft will falter is dubious.

On the other hand they got a friend of mine who hasn't worn a watch since 1998 to buy an Apple Watch. Actually two, first he bought one for his significant other and then he got jealous and bought one for himself. I know anecdotes aren't data, but Apple doesn't have to defend every market they're in as long as they grow new ones. I could see Apple launching a 2-in-1 convertible like the Surface Pro and decide between that and iCloud they don't care much about having any other kind of Mac. It would be enough for a vast majority of the PC users and the rest would simply be a market Apple won't serve.

I'm willing to bet that your friend is an outlier, one of the few who can afford to spend $370 for a watch, not just once but twice. Yes, there is a market for the Apple watch, but it currently isn't anywhere near big enough to push apple device sales to the levels being discussed.

As for Apple creating a convertible laptop, why? All they really need to do is create an iPad that runs OSX, but then they would eat into the Mac market. In fact, Time Cook has already said that they wouldn't do this... http://www.macrumors.com/2015/...

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