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Comment Re:Depends on price (Score 1) 337

$25 is ok... $50 is way too much.

If they included a copy of the Bluray or movie download when released for sale, it might be worth it. But not for a rental. For a rental I would be willing to pay no more than the movie theater price, about $10 to $15.

I just realized they they are trying to make up revenue from the loss of at least 3 movie tickets (i.e. 2 adults and a child). So $25 to $35 wouldn't be that bad for a family. I do think that $50 would be too much, though.

Comment Re:I just bought one last week (Score 2) 72

Oh god, does anyone else remember that cringe-worthy petition to get Bloodborne released on PC?

I'm still not sure if the submitter was being serious when they created the petition.

Nope... but I do remember the petition to release the DLCs for Skyrim for the PS3. Bethesda, at the time, said that the PS3 wasn't powerful enough. I ended up having to buy the PC version of Skyrim and migrate my save games to the PC. Of course, going from the PS3 to a PC with a GTX 970 made a big difference in graphics and load times.

This experience reminded me of the limitations of consoles. It didn't stop me from upgrading to a PS4, but it did remind me why I use my desktop as my main gaming rig.

Comment Re:So it begs(?) the question (Score 2) 100

Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

It still seems to be a bad thing, or a less worse thing if you are Samsung.

This is the case where Samsung was found guilty of infringing on Apple's patents for look and feel. In my opinion, some of the rulings went beyond what a reasonable person with basic technology understanding would find infringing. In that sense, it's still a bad thing.

From Samsung's perspective it's a less bad thing. It means that they can argue that they should be paying fractions of what they were ordered to pay in the first place because the full value of the product is not directly tied to what was found to be infringing. There will now be another 2 year battle arguing the exact value that these components adds to the overall product.

FYI: I am not a lawyer. The above are personal opinions.

Comment Re:Actually, they gave an indication (Score 2) 111

During a keynote Cook showed a slide listing the top revenue generating watch companies - this was based on a table that was published elsewhere.

Cook then showed the total revenue generated by the Apple watch (his was v1) being 2nd only to Rolex, which sells between 500K and 1 Million luxury watches per year.

Well, haters say the Apple Watch is a flop. I don't know, I think I wouldn't mind flopping with that level of revenue...

here is a link with picture of the slide:

Yet again, there is this thing called data that is missing from the slide.

For example, in addition to actual watch sales, they may have included watch apps, accessories, etc. We also don't know if this is actual end user retail sales or if it includes inventory (accounting tricks). We don't know whether this trend continued or if the sales chart looked like a hockey stick after the first year (i.e. high sales for the shiny new product and then a huge drop).

That's the problem with how Apple presents it's financial information. There is a bit of fog that doesn't allow an investor to assess just how well certain product lines are doing. From other articles, I get a sense that most refer to how well Apple suppliers are doing as a gauge rather than just relying on the Apple hype.

Comment Re:I beg to differ (Score 4, Insightful) 161

I havent watched anything on netflix in weeks precisely because I cant find anything with any quality or depth.

Am strongly considering cancelling my subscription.

I dropped my Netflix subscription three years ago when they stopped getting new movies (dropped contracts with major movie studios). I enjoy movies and have no interest in watching old TV series.

This study is poor. They are evaluating their current customer base. The problem with this is that the majority of movie fans have already left the service. What this means is that the majority using it today do so to watch TV shows and original content. The only reason why they use Netflix for movies is simply convenience.

In other words, it shows Netflix who their current customers are but not the potential market. It's like Tesla saying that trucks are not needed beause all of their customers drive cars...

Comment Re:The names are...... (Score 1) 102

The summary has the names (or it does now, anyway) but not the numbers or the symbols, which would have been nice to include. Would've been good to include some etymology as well.

Google is your friend... In any case, here is a better link with the numbers, symbols, and etymology...

and... here is a link to a large image for printing out, you know... for wall art... (grin)

Comment Re:or how about less sugar anyways? (Score 1) 328

There's got to be more to it than that. Something else has to be in there to provide the peculiar sour flavor notes and the mealy texture.

That's the one thing that I noticed when I moved to the US from Canada, the American chocolate is basically candy, it isn't chocolate. When I go home for Christmas I bring chocolates back with me. If I don't my co-workers become an extremely unhappy bunch...

Comment Re:Most of us just want to know when to jump in. (Score 1) 46

It's cool to read about this stuff, but as I lack the multiple PhDs to really follow the physics, I'm afraid my brute need is to know when to buy. Everybody wants to avoid buying the next Betamax or HD-DVD, obviously, but also you want to not buy in just as the price drops below $3000 ...and also shortly before it crashes to $999.

I managed to hold off buying a large flatscreen until 1080p was standard, at least (remember the nail-biter of choosing between 720p and 1080i ?) and feel very smart to have grabbed one of the last plasma sets before LCDs more-or-less pushed them off the market; everybody comments on the superior colour. That's not near to wearing out yet at 5 years, so I'm in no hurry to jump ship until I get even better colour, resolution, and anything else they're cooking up.

This may be the Next Big Thing, but it's become a hard call with things like 3D, 4K, high-frame-rate, and HDR zooming in and out of popularity on a yearly basis.

I wasn't in a hurry to jump either, but my plasma developed the dreaded vertical lines. Bought a Samsung 4K HDR KS8000 with Quantum Dot. Colors look good, whites are brighter than what I am used to, the ideal viewing angle is smaller, the blacks look good, much better than most LED screens that I have seen.

I have to say that 4K HDR Blu-ray movies look great!!

Comment Re:Popcorn time! (Score 1) 1321

Finally, if as stated the concern is with electronic voting machines, why would they call for recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin, which use paper ballots?

It just defies logic and sense. Is this just fake news which has found its way onto CNN via NYMag?

You missed the point. The point is to verify that the paper count matches the machine count and then to find the reason for any discrepancy, if any. That could be an electronic voting machine or a tabulation machine.

Most counties do not tabulate votes by hand, they use an electronic tabulating machine. That machine is basing the vote count on an electronic form and uses that to match who the user voted for. If that form or that machine was compromised, then the votes could be switched. The machine is typically upgraded/updated from a PC that, in theory, also could have been hacked.

The only way to know is to do a hand count and then verify the results against the electronic count.

Comment Re:They didn't succeed though (Score 1) 667

Still millions of ballots that will never be counted.

Absentee ballots in most states with clear winners are not counted.

The popular vote is 'too close to call', statistical tie. Doesn't matter anyhow.

The votes are all counted and, when done, the election is "certified". It is called well before then for clear winners, but vote counting is still taking place.

Comment Re:China holds the trump card (Score 1) 742

iPhones and other smartphones being made here will probably up the prices slightly, but most of the estimates I've heard are absurd.

No they are not. For one many/most of the key components for smartphones (and laptops and desktops and...) are made in China too. Where do you think you are going to get parts? The supply chain for these does not exist in the US or EU. Worse China has a monopoly on rare earth minerals without which you cannot build many modern electronics. The US has reserves of these but re-opening the mines for these would not happen overnight.

In regards to rare earth minerals, this doesn't bode well... The mines could be re-opened, but it would probably require government intervention.

"Mountain Pass rare earth mine: On August 31, 2016 Molycorp Inc. emerged from chapter 11 bankruptcy as Neo Performance Materials, leaving behind the mine as Molycorp Minerals LLC in its own separate chapter 11 bankruptcy. As of October 2016, Molycorp Minerals LLC and the mine is still under the control of a chapter 11 bankruptcy trustee and is being actively marketed for sale."

Comment Re:Trump says science is a fake (Score 1) 382

What does the Trump win mean for tech? Not a clue.

And I seriously doubt anyone else has a clue either. But we should have a lot of fun poking holes in the Other Guy (tm) who thinks his WAG (wild-ass guess) is better than our WAG....

To be slightly more serious, ignore the Trump win, look at the House and Senate, and you might have less WA in your WAG....

If he holds to his election promises, the tech industry should see a reduction in work visas, a blockade of any new outsourcing initiatives, and new tariffs (or trade deals) to make foreign made products (practically everything tech related) less attractive (i.e. our toys will get more expensive).

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