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Comment Re:How would anyone be able to tell? (Score 4, Informative) 192

How would anyone be able to tell? What can be more disgusting than a McDonalds hamburger and fries that looks the same after 6 years?

A regular hamburger made from fresh ingredients from the store will exhibit the same behaviour. The key is that the beef is thin, well cooked (i.e. sterile), and that it rapidly loses moisture. So this is natural.

Comment Re:Hell No (Score 1) 346

A few years ago, I purchased what I thought were genuine Nikon batteries for use in my cameras.

Once they arrived, I took a very good look at them and determined they were, in fact, counterfeit.
( They had official looking hologram stickers and whatnot, but were not the real thing )

I returned them and ended up purchasing the batteries through a local dealer instead.

Now, while some will say " What's the big deal ? ", if a problem develops within those batteries and
it ends up destroying your $$$$ camera, you can bet Nikon would tell me " Too Bad for you ". Otoh,
if a genuine Nikon battery does the same thing, Nikon would probably be a bit more sympathetic since
it is their official product that I'm buying.

Bottom line: If I cannot trust Amazon and / or the sellers who operate through Amazon to deliver genuine
products, I will simply cease using Amazon to purchase any of it.

It's that simple.

Yes, and I'll bet you a donut and a cup of coffee that, if you open up those batteries which are remarkably similar on the outside, you'll find (if you're lucky) undersized calls of dubious quality. The batteries, if you dared to put them in your camera, which I wouldn't recommend, will probably last 1/2 to 2/3 the time a genuine battery would.

As Heinlein said, TANSTAAFL. Sure, there's a Nikon markup, but if you want 3rd party bateries, don't buy the ones that are trying to pass for Nikon. Buy some from a manufacturer like Wasabi (I've had good experience with them) or Digipower (likewise), who are trying to build a brand reputation.

I agree, if you are choosing a third party battery provider, that you find one that that has good quality. I've used Sterlingtek batteries in my Canon SLR cameras with no problems and they last just as long, if not longer than the manufacturer batteries. That being said, I knowingly went looking for third party batteries. I would be upset if I thought that I was buying a Canon battery but it turned out to be a knockoff.

Comment Re:That's funny ... (Score 1) 141

... today I applied a patch to my credit card that blocks buying any locked down hardware from Microsoft. What a coincidence!

Good thing too. It always amazes me when people who are supposed to be smart about technology buys a device for an unintended purposes and then cries when they can no longer use it that way. Everyone knew that Windows RT was meant to be locked down and at no time did Microsoft ever advertise that an alternative OS could be installed (Unlike Sony and the PS3).

An accidental/dev setting was left open and they closed it. Yes, it sucks for those who were using it this way. But hey, you knew that this could happen.

I agree that there should be alternatives for users of devices that have been abandoned and that not having alternatives contributes to e-waste. But unless we stop buying closed systems, it just isn't going to change. BTW, you can install whatever you want on the Surface Pro. You get what you pay for.

Comment Re:I don't think that's enough (Score 1) 99

That was never a goal of the system. The "4K" is referring to video playback and support for 4K content, not games. This should, however, get them to 1080P @ 60FPS for pretty much every game in the library, and they've said that there will be an update path for developers to allow their games to support the new hardware performance. I think it's one of the biggest wins in consoles, that we've reached the point where it's possible to have nearly perfect backwards compatibility with older games while hardware continues to improve, with only a patch update to the games to support ever-expanding hardware performance. It's straight out of the PC playbook, to be certain, but at console price-points, with console-level reliability and ease of use.

Do you really think that Sony will be able to keep it at console price points? I'll believe it when I see it. I'm willing to bet that we will also see an increase in console pricing.

I have the Sony PS4 so that I can play and share games with my Brother-in-law. But anything that I want to play in high definition graphics, such as Far Cry or Fallout, I buy for the PC. There is just no getting around the fact that as soon as these consoles have their hardware specs set, they are out of date. For the same price as a new console, I can buy a new video card for my PC that will give me at least 4x the performance.

Long story short, there isn't any benefit for me to upgrade to the new console. I'll be definitely skipping this one.

Comment Re:Save often, make backups (Score 4, Funny) 465

How the heck do you even back up a site like that?

Hmmm, maybe using a web page scraper tool like HTTrack or perhaps the built-in export/backup function on the blog site...

Perhaps Google has a help page that describes how to do this... Nah, that would be too easy....

Comment Re:Headline is misleading and a little clickbaity (Score 2) 474

Let's assume you could cut 20 million out of executive salaries. Divide that by the 22,000 employees, and you end up with about $900 a piece. Realistically, you wouldn't be able to take that much from the executives. When the employees outnumber the executive by 10,000 to 1, it really doesn't matter how much you cut off executive pay, because the cost of the labour will vastly outweigh the cost of executive salaries.

How can this be labeled Insightful. While true, it ignores the fact that the $900 per employee would end up in the economy, improve the employees living situation, add taxes, etc whereas the added millions in executive salaries ends up in tax free holdings or offshore investments. Saying that $900 per employee doesn't help things is an utter fallacy and shows a complete lack of understanding of how the economy works. It is also short-sightedness by the corporations as eventually the average person will not have the necessary disposable income to buy their goods. Of course, they don't care what actually happens to the company because they've already made their millions...

Comment Re:Umm... No (Score 2) 132

I was thinking the exact same thing as you.

One other thought, what happens to the rollers when they get gummed up with road debris such as tar, mud, sand, rocks, etc. Not to mention icing and salt in the winter. It is interesting from a novelty perspective and maybe it will get people to think about other methods to solve this. But this just isn't one of them....

Comment Re:Interesting post (Score 2) 82

Between my Nexus 5 and my no-brand 15" gaming notebook, I'm well served as far as my home computing needs go.

Same goes for my decidedly unscientific research goes. My brother gave his tablet to his daughter to play with. My co-workers either sold or ditched theirs. The only exception is my 65-year-old mom, who loves her iPad to death and won't use anything else.

I started with a HP tablet. I got 5 of them during the fire sale and gave most of them as Christmas gifts.

Shortly after I bought an Asus TF700T 10" tablet. I used it primarily as a laptop replacement when traveling. It had longer battery life and was a ton lighter. I used it for years. Asus came out with Android updates for the first 2 years, then I switched to third party android versions from the XDA board.

I bought a Nexus 7 on sale. Fits in my cargo shorts pocket. Perfect for browsing the Internet, playing games, and reading email on a short trip or when sitting in a waiting room for car service. Plus I have a Bluetooth ODB reader and the Torque app for checking car codes. Still getting updates.

I just purchased a new tablet before Christmas to replace the Asus as my travel tablet, a Surface Pro 4. I've since started using it for work. A combination of the stylus, One Note, and Visio lets me free-form network diagrams and then use Visio to make them professional.

I have a desktop for gaming and a XPS 13 laptop. I hardly ever use the laptop since I bought the Surface. I usually reach for the Nexus or the Surface when I go someplace or just want to surf.

Comment Re:Why doesn't an IP address prove something? (Score 1) 164

FYI, a VPN connection, provides proof that YOU were the person driving since it's password protected and paid for with your credit card.

Really, a VPN connection can only be established by you?

Yet if someone else already has access and control of your pc, likely with a keylogger on the pc, what stops them from using the VPN as you? Nothing, that is what.

... and what if your computer/router is setup to automatically create the VPN connection... My 5 year old could be on that VPN.

It would definitely be harder to show that you were innocent if the VPN service is in your name. While not impossible for someone to hijack a VPN connection, My personal opinion is that such an argument without proof would be an uphill battle in court. Note: I am not a lawyer.

Comment Re:I don't buy it (Score 2) 365

I'm having a hard time buying this "difficulty to know when it is in park" premise. Yes, the shifter design is silly/stupid, and I wouldn't favor it. But, come on. There is an indicator light (actually I think there are two, no?). If it lights up "P", it is in park. If it doesn't light up "P", it is NOT in park. How hard is that? Additionally, the chime when you open the door and it is not in park should be a giant clue.

I just don't get it. The case is sad and regrettable, but I don't see any wrongdoing and it shouldn't be legally actionable. If I'm missing something, please inform me.

I have a car with this shifter and you are right in that there are two indicators of the shift position, one on the dash and one on the shifter itself. In addition, drivers should be using the parking brake as outlined in the manual.

In fact, prior to Anton Yelchin's death, I had received the recall notice from Jeep which includes instructions on how to use the shifter, to apply the parking brake whenever parking the car, and that they would be coming out with a fix. It also included a How-To sheet to keep in the car. CNN is splitting hairs when they said that only a warning was issued and not a Recall Notice. It was definitely the same type and style as the other recall notices that have been sent by Jeep and included instructions on how to avoid the problem (always use the parking brake). As I understand it, the permanent fix is still being developed.

Comment Re: How can this work with European smart cards? (Score 1) 181

Therein lies the problem. Here in Europe (and practically all of the rest of the world) we have switched to CHIP and PIN which allegedly makes skimming much more difficult. Unfortunately, this technology appears to be too complex for Americans to understand so we all have to have mag stripes on our cards as well just in case we ever go there. I never go to the USA, so the mag stripes on my cards are entirely useless other than for skimmers.

Does anyone know of any UK banks which offer a "I am never going to go to North America so please send me a card with a blank mag stripe" service or even a "I sometimes go to North America so please send me two cards, one with mag and one without" service?

The US now has CHIP and signature, but didn't implement PIN for our cards. Canada has had CHIP and PIN for forever in comparison. We now have NFC and Apple pay at most restaurants and stores. My thought is that banks will start offering ways of using ATMs without having to use a card.

Comment Re:Hillary for prison 2016! (Score 2, Insightful) 268

Hillary for prison 2016!

And yet, having your own email server wasn't against the law... So, good luck with that...

I'm not a Clinton supporter, but I do believe in a fair representation. What she did was against the spirit of the law and certainly shows an attempt at keeping communications private that should be part of the public record. But there is no proof that anything that she did broke the laws as written.

Comment Re:Typical . . . (Score 2) 268

This article is beyond stupid

Configuring trend micro to allow email when you know the fucking domain that it is coming from in no way requires that it be turned off entirely

At the very most somebody could have tried to spoof the Clinton domain, but, apparently, judicial watch was not bright enough to understand the situation

I have to wonder whether what is being described in the article is actually what happened or if the tech speak is being misinterpreted as to what was actually done, which is quite common. I agree with you, there are usually ways of allowing email from domains or from specific mail servers to be white listed. It is possible that the techs didn't know how to do this but the vendor should have been able to help.

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