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U of MI Produces Strongest Laser Ever 244

eldavojohn writes "Weighing in at a mere 20 billion trillion watts per square centimeter and containing a measly 300 terawatts of power, the University of Michigan has broken a record with a 1.3-micron speck wide laser. It's about two orders of magnitude higher than any other laser in the world and can perform for 30 femtoseconds once every ten seconds — some of the researchers speculate it is the most powerful laser in the universe. 'If you could hold a giant magnifying glass in space and focus all the sunlight shining toward Earth onto one grain of sand, that concentrated ray would approach the intensity of a new laser beam made in a University of Michigan laboratory ... To achieve this beam, the research team added another amplifier to the HERCULES laser system, which previously operated at 50 terawatts. HERCULES is a titanium-sapphire laser that takes up several rooms at U-M's Center for Ultrafast Optical Science. Light fed into it bounces like a pinball off a series of mirrors and other optical elements. It gets stretched, energized, squeezed and focused along the way.'" And ... cue the evil chortling.

Submission + - THG pubishes detailed lab review of AMD Spider (tomshardware.com)

The Last Gunslinger writes: Tom's Hardware Guide has published detailed results of their laboratory analyses of AMD's recently released Spider platform, including the Phenom 9500 and 9600 running on 790FX chipsets. Amongst other interesting details, the 2.4GHz Phenom 9700 has been pushed back to Q1 2008. The 2.3GHz Phenom 9600 benchmarks on average 13.5% lower than Intel's Q6600 quad-core CPU...and the MSRP for the Phenom is about 13.6% less as well. Much is made of the AMD OverDrive utility, by which the THG labs were able to OC the Spider platform by 25% (3.0GHz) using air cooling alone.

Submission + - Retail Desktop DDR2 Memory Breaks 1.25GHz

Spinnerbait writes: "Performance Memory manufacturer, Corsair recently released a new addition to their flagship Dominator line of desktop memory, the TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF. This 2GB DDR2 memory kit features the company's DHX Dual Path Heat eXchange cooling technology, support for Enhance Performance Profiles (EPP), and it's rated for operation at a 1.25GHz. This article at HotHardware.com goes into detail regarding the technologies employed in the TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF kit and has compatibility, overclocking, and complete performance data available as well."
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPods helping conservation

An anonymous reader writes: The Sunday Star Times is reporting that the New Zealand Department of Conservation is using iPods to help resettle moved birds. The problem is that the rare Kakapo's call is localised (just as accents differ), so moving them to safer, predator-free, areas presents quite a challenge. DoC decided on using iPods to help 'anchor' the Kakapo into their new environment — and seems to be working. The Department is looking at using similar techniques for the native whitehead.

Submission + - 3D3 Solutions releases free 3D scanner

3d3 Solutions writes: "Free FlexScan3D Lite Offers No Cost Entry Into 3D Scanning

Arizona based, 3D3 Solutions, an innovative 3D scanner development company announces the availability of FlexScan3D Lite, a free version of it's 3D scanner to enable individuals and companies to capture real world objects with no investment in a high end scanner.

Phoenix, AZ February 27, 2007 — 3D3 Solutions announces the availability of the FlexScan3D Lite, a free software-based 3D scanner that enables users to plug in a projector and a digital camera to generate 3D models of real world objects. This no-cost solution opens the door to many who want to get into 3D scanning but have been unable to make the investment.

It is available for free downloading on the 3D3 Solutions website: http://www.3d3solutions.com/try.php and it is also available on its partner website Reverse Modeling: http://www.reversemodeling.com/try.html

FlexScan3D Lite is being used by many students and companies and is viewed as a money saving solution that requires no cash investment to get started with 3D scanning.

The Lite edition of the software features the core functionality from the commercial and academic versions of FlexScan3D:
  • Includes all of the high end scan processing algorithms and hardware interfaces
  • Supports cameras up to 2.5 megapixels.
  • Supports projectors up to 800x600 resolution
  • Output is points in *.asc format
  • Supports Textures via UV mapping
The commercial versions support unlimited mega-pixels and 1024x768 resolution projectors. Additional bundled software from the full version allows you to take the data from a point cloud to a "watertight" 3D mesh.

FlexScan3D represents the next evolution in the 3D scanning market that requires a more cost effective solution for a mainstream audience. The full version of FlexScan3D can be used to quickly capture objects to create a 3D digital model for use in a variety of disciplines including engineering, research & development, architectural reconstruction, medical and dental reconstruction, games, art, and other applications.

3D3 Solutions has recently expanded its offering of FlexScan3D to include: Academic Licensing, Student Personal Editions, FlexScan3D Core System, and bundled solutions with GSI to create a watertight mesh. It is also offering a FlexScan3D-rapidformXOR bundle, through its partner Reverse Modeling for users that want to create parametric Cad models from scan data.

FlexScan3D packages are available worldwide from 3D3 Solutions and Reverse Modeling, it's US reseller. For more detailed pricing information or restrictions on licensing, and to learn more about the innovative FlexScan3D scanner, please visit http://www.3d3solutions.com or call 800-732-6010 in North America.

About 3D3 Solutions

3D3 Solutions is the developer of FlexScan3D, a 3D scanner that lets anyone capture digital 3d models directly from physical objects in seconds. 3D3 Solutions' novel approach to 3D scanning makes it an attractive option for those who have been looking for a powerful and cost effective 3D scanning solution. To find out more about how 3D3 Solutions can meet your digitalizing needs, visit http://www.3d3Solutions.com

About Reverse Modeling

Reverse Modeling, based in Los Angeles, CA, provides a suite of 3D scanning hardware, software and services to solve complex modeling problems. We specialize in the conversion of physical objects into 3D computer models. 3D scanning is widely used in the reproduction of architectural artifacts, pre and post medical and dental reconstruction, reverse engineering, legacy data update, quality inspection, rapid prototyping, animation, and various other applications. To learn more about Reverse Modeling, and to find pricing information please visit the company's website at http://www.reversemodeling.com

Contact information:
3D3 Solutions


Contact information:
Reverse Modeling
PO Box 4760
Covina, CA 91723


Submission + - Living room HDTV for PC Gaming?

Goosey writes: "With the major purchases of a new HDTV, HTPC, and gaming PC setup in the near future the thought occurred that I could combine my needs (and save some money) by putting high end hardware in the HTPC and using the it with the HDTV for gaming. Big screen gaming sounds like a dream come true, but having never done any PC gaming outside of a computer desk some concerns do pop up. What little information I could find has been pretty lacking, so I ask: do any slashdotters have experience with PC gaming in the living room? Is it a viable option using a large HDTV with 1080p native resolution or does the large view distance make the experience unbearable? Is text unreadable without inducing eye strain? Are there any mouse/keyboard solutions suitable for use on the couch?"

Submission + - The Online Dictionary is Reborn with Word Source.

Nich writes: "Word Source aims to be a panacea (look it up — www.word.sc/panacea) for people who look up words frequently and are tired of the cumbersome, advertisement-laden interfaces on other dictionary websites. The home page is slick, reminiscent of Google, proudly proclaims that "the online dictionary is reborn," and encourages you to "never leave your address bar," by using a URL to look up words. For example, to look up "television," you would simply point your browser at word.sc/television and presto — defined. While you're there, you can explore "the social dictionary" and view/share photos of your favorite words, "rate" them, and "tag" words based on your experience with them, amongst other things."

Submission + - Vista not selling well because of...piracy?

techmuse writes: DailyTech reports that Steve Ballmer blames the slow sales of Windows Vista (down 60% compared to the launch of Windows XP) not on the 5 year delay in shipping, the failure to ship before the holiday season, the high system requirements, the poorly implemented user account control, the significantly harsher licensing restrictions, the price increase, the increased interest in Mac OS and Linux, or the much stricter antipiracy technologies already built into the OS. Rather, he blames the entire drop in sales on piracy, and promises to step up antipiracy efforts. What do you think?

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