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Comment Nation vs Companies (Score 1) 472

Companies have no obligation to serve US citizens. They have obligations towards their shareholders, and one of these obligations is to maximize profit. If the consequence is hiring foreign workers and bringing the US population into poverty, what does it say about capitalism?

Comment Moore's law is not over (Score 1) 472

Because it has never been actually formulated.

One popular interpretation was the about the increase of component density, which has resulted for a while in an increase in the processors performance.

Nowadays, the general interpretation in the semiconductor industry is that Moore's Law is about the decrease of the $/bit (and sometimes about the decrease of energy/operation), and in regards to this metric the industry is still on track and will stay so for another decade at least. The improvements for our laptops and probably also for our phones and tablets won't be as noticeable as they have been in the past, but the computer industry will continue to change our lives by being more and more ubiquitous as the price goes down, and as VR and AI become more widely available.

By the way, Moore's paper starts with:

With unit cost falling as the number of components per circuit rises, by 1975 economics may dictate squeezing as many as 65,000 components on a single silicon chip

. It has always been about economics.

Comment Re:What tier does this storage belong? (Score 1) 77

PCM won't kill flash (3D NAND has some cost benefits), it will displace DRAM in some applications.

And I would not count HD out as well, there has been some impressive advances published lately by SanDisk and the like.

Computerworld published recently a nice article on the Memory landscape

Comment Confusing Summary (Score 2) 77

PCM is not limited to re-writable Blu-Ray, it is actually used in memory chips.

Micron used to manufacture PCM memory chips and dropped them in 2014. There are also some debate regarding whether IMFT's 3D XPoint is also PCM or not.

The real innovation in IBM's work is turning PCM into a TLC, and that is really impressive.

Comment Europe proves Musk wrong (Score 1) 530

If it was just about the price of gasoline, we would expect countries like France, where gasoline costs as much as $5/gallon to have a high adoption rate of electric vehicles.Yet, they represented only 1% of the new vehicles sold in 2015.

The country with the highest EV adoption rate is Norway, which had a very high government incentive program which costed the state around US$13,000 per EV on the road, just for 2015.

Even if there was a political will, there are not many countries rich enough to afford those kind of incentives.

Comment Re:Subversion of the West (Score 2) 1080

The Cultural Marxist Subversion of the Free World has resulted in weaponized zombies who prefer Big State authoritarianism and Central Planning over voluntary exchange for mutual benefit (the 'Free Market' - "capitalism" is the World the Marxists use for the Free Market). The nice thing is reality can only be defied for a short time, and those zombies will reap what they sew. And for all the sane people out there, buckle up, it's going to get rough as the Collectivist-Islamist Axis spins up to full speed.

I love this Cold War rhetoric, where no arguments are made. All it does is comforting what you already believe in. The funny thing about it is that it can usually be reversed. Let's see if it works:

The Cultural Capitalist Subversion of the Free World has resulted in weaponized zombies who prefer Corporation authoritarianism and Market Diktat over wealth redistribution for mutual benefit (the 'Regulated Market' - "Marxism" is the World the Capitalists use for the Regulated Market). The nice thing is reality can only be defied for a short time, and those zombies will reap what they sew. And for all the sane people out there, buckle up, it's going to get rough as the Military-Imperialist Axis spins up to full speed.

Note that I define myself as a capitalist, I am just pointing out that your post is just empty propaganda.

Comment barriers? (Score 1) 195

If you want to protect people from themselves, you need some sort of barrier or arm that physically blocks forward movement. Nothing else will register to someone who will miss a train barrelling towards them.

Trams (or what is called streetcar in the US, according to wikipedia) share the road with cars (but have the right of way). Barriers are not a practical solution.

Comment and caravans (Score 1) 423

A well known event that happens every year in Europe is when people from Belgium and the Netherlands pack their stuff in their cars and caravans and migrate through Germany to southern Europe. This pisses of the Germans as their autobahns are stock full of caravan-towing slow-moving cars. .. how will they continue to do this with cars that only move a few hundred km between recharges?


Comment Re:The name (Score 2) 21

That's perfectly understandable, there are many homonyms in Japanese which is very confusing for learners. For native or advanced speakers, the meaning is most of the time clear from the context, but there are times where Japanese people will actually say which word they use by saying "as in this word (that uses the same kanji)" or actually drawing the kanji in the air.

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