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Comment Re:No cronyist legal restrictions in retailing (Score 2) 467

If only we could get this kind of competitive pressure to occur in the healthcare market!

Competition (or lack thereof) is not the issue. Countries where healthcare is publicly funded pay less for healthcare.

I have lived and worked in different countries with (mainly) public healthcare (Germany, France, Japan), and I cannot say that I felt that healthcare was of lower quality than in the US. But it was cheaper, and simpler.

Comment Re:I know it's trendy (Score 2) 649

He's just restoring half of the cuts that Obama made to defense spending.

Cuts that were made as the country was going out of Iraq and Afghanistan, so one could argue that it was not actually a "cut" in the military power of America. Shall I also remind you that Trump promised to make our allies pay to finance our military? I don't see this happening

Plus, that's not answering the concerns of reducing the deficit.

Comment Re:I know it's trendy (Score 4, Informative) 649

I know every budget has to be criticized by 'the opposing party' with a list of all the wonderful things that are going to be cut, but you all DO realize that the US government is nearly $19 TRILLION in debt - or more than $50k per person in the country?

Every single program that we're paying for, essentially we're living off credit cards. We are the wealthiest nation in human history, and we still cannot afford all the crap we want.

At some point, someone has to be the grownup in the room and say "you know, that would be really nice, but we simply can't afford it".

I would agree with you if the Trump government was actually proposing to reduce the budget, but that is not the case. The cuts in those agencies will mostly be used to fund a $54B increase in defense spending (which, in 2015, already accounted for more than half of the federal discretionary spending.

You can read the full WP article for more details...The link is in the summary

Comment Re:Think I've spotted the miscommunication (Score 1) 474

Yes, a tech node is a process size. That's why I started with "at a given technology node". I agree that if you shrink the dimensions of your transistor, the critical defect size also becomes smaller, and you get potentially more defect per die. And if you make the die bigger, you get more defects, hence the decrease in yield.

Comment Re:Not a problem at all (Score 1) 1149

I was not cherry picking. You were opposing races, and I was just pointing out that most crimes (even the most hideous) are not race-related. Or trying to, at least.

Having an agenda would be creating an agency to report crimes made by illegal immigrants to be able to communicate on those, although proportionally more crimes of the same nature would be committed by legal immigrants or citizens. But nobody would do that, would they?

Comment Re:One word (Score 1) 474

I am not sure that I understand what you mean by "critical flaw size", and I am not sure what would be the relation with die size. A defect is a defect. Bigger dies don't have more redundancy, they have more functions.

If you are interested in yield model, this paper is a good read.

Or you can just check the influence of die size on yield in this basic yield simulator

And FYI, I work in the semiconductor industry.

Comment Re:One word (Score 1) 474

Yields of working units are going down significantly as the die shrinks, and it's taking a lot longer to figure out how to bring yields back up.

Actually no, the yield is higher for smaller die sizes at a given technology, since the likelihood of having a defect on your die is lower.

On the other hand, time-to-ramp is longer for advanced tech nodes, although some companies like TSMC have shown impressive numbers.

Comment Re:Not a problem at all (Score 1) 1149

You left out some:

White far-right dude kills a bunch of white children in Norway because they were going to a summer camp organized by the Labour Party.

White dude shoots journalists because he had been fired by the network


So yeah, there are dicks everywhere, and handing them guns is not the safest thing to do...

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 4, Insightful) 726

No, nobody should starve to death, or left without healthcare, or without drinking water, or not given the chance to get quality education at an affordable price.

Maybe we should push for things like Universal Basic Income, Single Payer Healthcare System, Free Education, and stop privatizing utilities?

Comment history of innovation (Score 4, Informative) 45

Actually, the french postal service has a history of innovation (e.g. le Minitel), and has handled very cleverly the changes brought by internet (less mail, more packages): they are now the #2 package delivery provider in Europe.

Sending drones instead of people to remote areas is a good idea: there are fewer regulations than in the cities, and it is probably more profitable too than sending people.

Comment the trump administration will solve the issue (Score 1, Troll) 91

The Trump administration will remove all those regulations that are BAD for business. Recycling regulations are BAD for the American economy. We can't compete with CHINA with this situation. Luckily, Trump has assembled the right team to bring business ethics into the EPA, and get rid of the tree-hugger communist snowflake morals. America will be great again (as long as you don't happen to leave close to a toxic landfill, but none of Trump's billionaire friends do).

Comment Re:basically doing the same as china? (Score 1) 415

No, China censors reports of actual events if they are not compatible with the Party line. Facebook proposes to flag out unverified stories that try to pass as news.

You may argue that it is a violation of one's right to Free Speech, and that may be true but from a moral standpoint it is just plain wrong to put true stories and fake news on the same level.

If you like comparison with "communist" countries, I don't know if you had a look at Breitbart recently. It is starting to look like what Pravda was under Brezhnev: a propaganda tool for the power in place (or soon in place, since Trump is not president yet)./p?

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