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Comment Re: He's got his talking points (Score 1) 478 When you interact with your Windows device by speaking, writing (handwriting), or typing, Microsoft collects speech, inking, and typing informationóincluding information about your Calendar and People (also known as contacts)óthat helps personalize your experience. This information improves your deviceís ability to correctly recognize your input, such as your pronunciation and handwriting. You can turn the Speech, inking, and typing setting (which is called Getting to know you) on or off in Settings.

Yes I know all about Microsoft's use of their telemetry tools and it's not at all what you've purported it to be. Most people hear "keylogger" and think "zomg Microsoft is recording everything I type!!!111" when that's in fact not true. When you read all resources and not just some vague article on the internet on some silly tabloid site that says "Microsoft is using a keylogger to record all of your typing" you realize that it's not that at all and that people have blown it out of proportion. By the way if you've ever spoken to or used Siri or Google Now then you've basically allowed Apple and Alphabet (Google) the same access.

To be precise, I didn't write what you said I wrote.


[...]allowing people who you allow access to your network to share your password with everyone on their social network, and a couple other things I had to turn off on all of them.

You did conveniently leave out the fact that it's the Wi-Fi password and conveniently placed that sentence right after mentioning a keylogger, which would give the idea that the supposed keylogger is being used to give the password you just used to login to your computer to someone else.

Do you read that? Do you comprehend? Here, I'll just put the expressly relevent part of the statement:

You and your friends get Internet access without telling each other your passwords.

Yep I can read just fine. They mention it in an FAQ about Wi-Fi Sense, not vaguely insert it into an FAQ about your login credentials for instance.

If you are going to contradict what I write, at least be prepared for the cites I'll give. This is not bulllshit, this is settings that I have had to deal with in several W10 setups.

You've given some good cites to re-state everything you've said in the proper manner and not just vaguely placing words and sentences in a way that creates FUD. It's not a matter of contradicting someone but more like correctly conveying the right message, which you've now done with your cites.

If you do an express setup, and most peolpe will, you'll have all the telemetry goodies, the key logging, and share your password. This is information that is freely available on Microsoft websites, this is without a doubt, and with provable and admitted actions that Windows 10 performs. Its a spying system that you have to opt out of, if you don't do the work to opt out, it is what you get.

There you go again with this "spying on you" nonsense. You make it seem as if Microsoft is now going to turn on your computer's web cam if you're not careful or that you shouldn't make any web transactions on your Windows 10 machine because Microsoft will steal your bank account details and passwords since they're listening to each and every keystroke, statements that are utter nonsense and simply not true.

On a side note if you've been installing Windows 10 on so many machines with this supposed keylogger that is listening in to every key press and that has all sorts of invasion of privacy then that would make you a very irresponsible tech.

Comment Re: He's got his talking points (Score 1) 478

A keylogger???? Shares your password with everyone???? BAHAHAHAHA!

If you're going to bash on Microsoft at least try to sound more intelligent and believable. Also what gets shared, if you choose to do so and has been mentioned by pretty much everyone, is your WIFI password and it's with certain people, not with your entire social network nor is it some post that gets put into your Twitter or Facebook feeds for the world to see.

Comment Re:Non-Affected Software (Score 1) 53

Your 15 year-old statement for automotive defects is incorrect. From

There are a few restrictions on consumers' rights to take advantage of recalls. For example, there is a limitation regarding the age of the vehicle. In order to be eligible for free repairs, refund, or replacement, the vehicle must be less than 8 years old on the date the defect.

So you'll be notified...but it'll be up to you to fix it out of your own pocket after that. The equivalent here would be that you'd have to buy a new OS. Besides you're comparing safety recalls, which can cause death, to a software "bug" that is actually caused by the user themselves. Also your statement about "free software getting patched seemingly forever" is totally false, incorrect, and missleading. There are tons of free software that is unsafe and no longer being maintained or patched. Does that sound like fraud too? No...more like the EoL of software (that sounds familiar...)

Comment It's normal (Score 1) 414

We have about 400+ workstations with various OSs (Win 2000, XP, Vista, 7) and 20+ servers with various server OSs (Win Server 2000, 2003, 2008) and we only have the System Admin and a "sneaker tech". Oh and we have a remote location as well which they must deal with on the other coast of the US. At least from my viewpoint, your situation is not unusual.

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