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Comment Re:How about we just gameify gamification? (Score 1) 36

How about we just gameify gamification? Then we can quit talking about it, and trying to sell the idea to VCs who, like the rest of us, don't think it's going to work to solve interesting problems, and if it does, well, the people playing the gamefication game will self-solve the problem for us, won't they?

Gamefication is spicy behaviouralism, applied to life in the same way it has always been applied to life ... with new labels.

Well, not QUITE the same.

Comment Do I care? (Score 1) 55

I'm not particularly concerned, so long as I'm not on the hook for any lost funds. It would be nice to know that our banking institutions were competent, but I'm happy so long as dispute resolutions aren't arduous.

Speaking of which, I've disputed charges on my credit card twice, and my credit card provider has made it quite painless. If my bank was that forgiving, I'd probably use my chequing account more than my credit account.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 75

...I saw this on ABC News a few hours ago. Their headline, "Sharks send tweets..." was just as inaccurate as this one. The sharks do nothing buy go about their routine. The system monitoring them sends tweets. The system monitoring them doesn't monitor all sharks, it monitors tagged sharks, so the system cannot be relied upon to notify of all sharks, it can only notify for known sharks whose tags still function. It's not a bad system, but it's not a sure-fire system either.

Right. It's not sharks with lasers on their heads - but they're still cyborg sharks. Just because the EM radiation doesn't occur in the visible spectrum doesn't mean they can't be dangerous. Or cool.

Comment Re:Retroposons (Score 1) 77

Jumping genes are better known as retroposons. Shame on Science for not explaining this.

Also, folks who suffer from schizophrenia actually have very low levels of latent inhibition. This makes them faster to respond to all stimuli, not just novel stimuli.

Shame of slashdot for not reporting this, either. They really should just give us EVERYTHING when talking about science, ALL at once.

Comment Cumulative? (Score 5, Informative) 110

The big question - is this cumulative? I want to improve my IQ, so I'll read 3-4 books this week ... but wait a minute, this sounds like school.

Also, this study was done on students. At university (or college, for our american viewers). And didn't eliminate free time or stress relief as possible factors. Also, it was done in the USA, which doesn't have the most homogenous distribution of literacy (or even a consistent measure for literacy).

I'm not saying it's bad science, I'm just saying there's another article about junk science on slashdot ... today ... and they're linked by correlation (but not causation). Also? Topical XKCD comic.

Comment Re:People forget (Score 1) 804

This is a business level product.

While you can build one cheaper using DYI parts, however the time spent in wages, for souring the hardware, software and doing the software can add up very quickly


Then there is also support and maintenance - will having a custom built machine cost more in the long run?

The more you spent on the machine - the bigger the margin for the DYI version - however at the end of the day - is the cost worth it for business?

That would hold true for a business level product.

... so if apple had a separate company manufacturing their parts, that argument might hold true.

Comment Re:What Sci-fi movies? (Score 3, Insightful) 186

I mean you have Star Wars, Star Trek, Senerity, Farscape (I guess), Dune (maybe). A few movies from the 60's/70's (silent running, 2001, whatever).

What other sci-fi movies are there? It's all shit.

Alien. Aliens.

It's a stunning reminder of the value of human life ... when there's science involved (look at me still talking ...)

Comment Re:What the hell is the point of these huge number (Score 1) 366

How does fining someone many times their net worth accomplish anything?

Someone could fine me $5 million or $50 million dollars. It doesn't change the fact that I can't ever hope to pay it.

Are these numbers just meant to scare people, or do they *actually try* to collect many times a person's net worth from them?

They do try to collect, because the numbers are adequately large to make it worth their while. Numbers are numbers, they don't lie.

It's those damn statisticians that lie ...

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