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The Internet

Submission + - Canadian Filesharing Myths Debunked ( 1

DavidChristopher writes: "In Michael Geist's column in the Toronto Star, he discusses — and debunks — two common Canadian Filesharing Myths:

all file sharing is legal in Canada and, perhaps as a consequence of this, that Canada leads the world in illegal file-sharing activity.

... which isn't actually true. In fact, the number of infringement notices in Canada is on the decline. Canada now ranks 10th, behind Spain, Italy, and France, according to a BayTSP report"


Submission + - North Korea conducts nuclear test (

DavidChristopher writes: "The globe & mail is reporting that North Korea has conducted another nuclear test:

From the article:

North Korea announced Monday that it conducted another nuclear test, a surprise move certain to further isolate Kim Jong-il's increasingly unpredictable regime.

News of the test, the second conducted by North Korea, came in a statement by the official Korean Central News Agency. "According to the demand of our scientists and technicians, our republic has successfully conducted another underground nuclear test on May 25 ... as part of measures to strengthen its nuclear power in self-defense," the report said.

North Korea warned last month that it would conduct another nuclear test, allegedly to protest a rather mild rebuke from the United Nations Security Council following an April 5 "satellite launch" by Pyongyang that the United States, South Korea and Japan interpreted as a camouflaged test of its ballistic missile system..

Scary Stuff..."

The Courts

Submission + - Privacy ends when trash hits curb: Canadian Courts (

DavidChristopher writes: The Globe and Mail is reporting that the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled unanimously that garbage is "fair game" for police, tax or any other government investigator. This can have far reaching implications — as outlined in the article:

"Jonathan Lisus, a lawyer for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, said the ruling could potentially apply to computer text messages, which the courts may interpret as a form of garbage. "The focus is on the information, not the form of it," Mr. Lisus said. However, he said that deleted e-mail "is unlikely to be considered garbage because it resides on your server, which you control."

This ruling is bad new for former record-holding competitive swimmer Russell Patrick, who will now enjoy 4 years behind bars for drug offenses, the evidence for which was found in his garbage by Police.

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