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Comment Re:Yeah nothing works anymore (Score 5, Insightful) 622

Damn right. The web (Internet) was supposed to provide a platform that could be accessed by all devices, providing they adhere to the web standards. And that means HTML. Not Flash, or Silverlight, or even Java Applets.

So bugger off and make your own proprietary network standard. Just don't go bitch about a company that's brought out a devive that DOES support just the standards. Hell, should I moan if I bring out a proprietary plug-in that isn't supported by device X? Or should I put my money and time into making something that works within the standard (or at least help stabilise the upcoming standard)?

Next you'll be wanting to modify the TCP/IP protocol itself to suit your particular content - and then bitch at Apple for not supporting it in their products.

Comment Re:Here you go (Score 1) 344

Simple as your instructions seem, they don't work for me....

CTRL-F doesn't do anything at all. Odd.

Oh wait - perhaps you are suggesting a search on that web site for the term "b/g/n"?
In our connected world, CTRL-F doesn't necessarily mean search (I for one type this on my Mac running Safari, where Command-F is to search). Search might be done in any number of ways on any number of devices.

Here endeth the lesson :-)

Sorry - we in the Southern Hemisphere and using Macs tend to get a bit sensitive regarding when Winter is, and how to perform searches on our computers.

Comment No Perl? You've got to be f**ken kidding (Score 2, Interesting) 407

Do they realise how much of the world's systems run Perl? And given that it's pretty much built into every major OS (yes, Windows needs a download). Wow, this is mind-boggling. I still can't get over it. And the fact that simple Perl is just that - so simple. Hello World is a one liner. No classes to define, no libraries to import, no header files to include.

And you can write poetry with it! (bonus points?)

Comment Re:Southern Hemisphere Balance (Score 1) 411

I know - or rather you have reminded me.

The seasons here in New Zealand run from the 1st of each quarter (Sep, Dec, Mar, Jun). Solstices aren't celebrated so much, which is a shame, but neither are the official starts to seasons.

Don't know about other countries, but some of course, do it differently altogether (hot season, rainy season, etc).

Been a pleasure.

Comment Mac OS X seems to be heading in a better direction (Score 1) 411

BeOS was indeed impressive to play with way back. But I think a read of Ars Technica review of Mac OS X Snow Leopard might give you reason to adjust this view. There is mention of BeOS and its limitations in the discussion on Grand Central Dispatch, that might have led to a M$-like bottleneck in terms of paradigm.

Comment Re:"dumb down?" (Score 1) 276

We're talking laptops here - typically no mouse, so what is your one fingered person doing trying to right-click? So plug in a mouse - and all new Apple mice have a left and right side for clicking. Don't want to use a mouse? How about clicking the trackpad while pressing a Control key down? Wow, right-click.

Or are you saying this person has only one arm, and that arm has only one finger?

What else. Oh yes, you can even plug your Apple (or any USB) mouse into the left or right hand side of an Apple keyboard - just in case your person of interest is left or right handed. I don't recall any other keyboard with two USB ports attached. Hell, you could even plug another keyboard into the first - and really go to town with collaborative typing.

Maybe it's not the fingers that are the problem - but your sight (and mind) are a little squinted and one-eyed.

Comment It's not about the browser (Score 1) 411

This ruling is a special case. It's not because IE has a large market share that the EU is forcing this requirement. It's because IE doesn't (historically) follow the standards properly or implemented its own features, and so began to fork the Web. Forking the Web and taking the majority of web users with it, would have given Microsoft too much control on the Internet (content). And that would have forced other browser vendors to allow Microsoft to dictate the standards (or cut them out altogether). It would have been another case of Word and Excel formats winning the document format wars.

So a good move, although I too dislike the implementation. It would by far be preferable for the average consumer to realise there is choice, and download their preferred (standards compliant) browser.

Comment Re:About time ... (Score 1) 189

The whole point of the agency is to relaunch SkyLab as a rival to the ISS. SkyLab fell into western Australia back in 1979 and the Aussies have been working on how to get it off the ground ever since (Note: I'm a Kiwi, and would love there to be a Space Agency in the Antipodes).

Comment Quoted article (Score 1) 626

The quoted paragraph in the SlashDot article. Does it appear in the InfoWorld article? I can't see it. The link goes to the article no problems, but where is this quote? Words like "blame" don't even appear!

Am I missing something? Is the link to InfoWorld incorrect?

The reason I wanted to read the original article was because the SlashDot teaser (quote) mentions Windows and Linux performance, but not Mac OS X, and I wanted to see if the original article mentioned that or not.


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