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Comment Re:What does it do most of the time? (Score 1) 56

"Take back the food" is just a restatement of the usual cultish obsession with "clean" and "holy" food that's not touched by evil corporations. You're a Bad Person if you eat food grown on a farm and sold in a grocery store. You're a Good Person if you grow food yourself, because you're sticking it to The Man. For some reason, nobody looks down on me because I think it's a waste of time to make my own shoes and outsource the job to a company that specializes in it. They even *gasp* ship the shoes from somewhere else to me! The shoes aren't local! The horror!

I've found that in general, if you scratch a food activist, you mostly just end up with a vague anti-corporate activist. The details of the environmental questions are less important than the fact that they're Standing Up to Big Evil Corporations.

Comment Upside potential: The Skills of Xanadu (Score 1) 359

1956 Sturgeon story about mobile/wearable computing's potential that inspired Ted Nelson and others leading to the web and so the iPhone:

Let's hope the upside is realized -- not a surveillance/control downside.

Still trying to help when I can -- just so little time:

Hope others can carry things forward in their won way -- and many are! :-)

Half-way through reading the "The Jennifer Project" new sci-fi novel by Larry Enright, which almost seems like a Skills of Xanadu remake in some ways. Nor sure how it ends. :-)

Hopefully not the same as "With Folded Hands". :-(

Submission + - FarmBot open source gardening robot project raises US$400K

Paul Fernhout writes: FarmBot is an open-source gantry-crane-style outdoor robot for tending a garden bed. The project is crowdfunding a first production run and has raised US$398,708 of their US$100,000 goal — with three days left to go. The cost is US$2,900. The onboard control system is based around a Raspberry Pi 3 computer and an Arduino Mega 2560 Microcontroller. Many of the parts are 3D printable.

FarmBot was discussed on Slashdot two years ago when it was just getting started.

Comment Re:Why is this not bad for Drumpf? (Score 1) 694

Hey the Republican establishment is not in love with Trump. NeoCons are not for Trump. PaleoCons are not for Trump. Social Conservatives are not for a planned-parenthood, abortion loving Trump and small-government Libertarians are not for a big-government, eminent-domain grabbing, gun control type like Donald Trump.

The religious hard-right is for him. Not because of his faith or righteousness, but because he offers them the hope of power.

(As if they will be able to control him after he gets elected.)

Trump brought in disenfranchised voters in from the cold (as did Bernie). Look at closed caucus states and see how well Trump did. (He did not do well). If the Republican party was proportionate as the Democrat primary was (as opposed to winner take all/most) then Trump would not be the nominee. It would have been a contested convention with Trump barely having 1/3 of the total delegates.

I suspect the RNC will have a superdelegates mechanism in place before the 2020 election.

Most Republicans seem more worried about him winning than about him losing.

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 2) 694

The Russians want Trump to be President. That bears repeating a couple of times. Just think about why that might be.

Devout Republican George Will[*] is saying that he thinks the reason Trump won't release his tax returns is because they would show how much he is in bed with the Russian oligarchy.

[*]Think what you will of Will, but he's got putdown-fu. After some recent fuss with Trump he said "He has the advantage on me - I can't say everything I know about a topic in 140 characters."

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