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Comment Re:Not excited (Score 1) 220

You are probably a more casual Starcraft gamer, because in my opinion I've loved the beta it's absolutely addicting. I was a hardcore Broodwar player ever since it came out I played on the Korean servers and they have done an amazing job with this game so far. Better than I thought to be honest. What league were you placed in when you played? Currently Im in the top 10 of Platinum 53, and every game whether I loose or win has been extremely fun and enjoyable.

Comment Re:Is StarCraft the right game to use for this? (Score 1) 200

The meta game for Starcraft has changed dramatically over the pass few years. The game is more of a macro management game now. Rush tactics are barely used in pro-matches and if they are and are properly defended with a proper scout the player rushing has a very little chance of coming back in the game because they are so economically behind. Most games now are based on quick expansions example 12nexus 14cc 12 hatch Starcraft is probably the best game for this as IMO is the most balanced and RTS available on the market. Hopefully the people programming the AI are seasoned players and know how the current meta-game for Starcraft Broodwar is.

Comment Starcraft 2. (Score 1) 520

What is status on the mutalisk micro. In the last build it was not possible to stack mutalisks. But there was mention in one of the updates that the developers are trying to include this type of micro back into the game. Has there been and progress in adding stacking of units to the game or will it not be possible?

Comment Re:Starcraft 2 will not be defined by single playe (Score 1) 206

Obviously you didn't play the game enough on multi-player to become good at it. This is not just my opinion but the opinion of the hardcore gamers that still play the game religiously to this day. There is a reason why Korea has 3 television stations dedicated to this game and why it is a multi-million dollar industry in Korea. The game has amazing re-playability (multi-player). You can only play single player campaigns for so long until it gets boring. Trust me when I say that the majority of the Starcraft gaming community have NOT been playing single player campaign for 10 years.

Comment Starcraft 2 will not be defined by single player (Score 5, Interesting) 206

Starcraft Broodwar was not defined by how good it's single player campaign, it was defined by how balanced the game was in multiplayer mode. Sure Blizzard games usually have really great story lines and awesome cinematics but there is a reason why it has been delayed till 2010. For this game to succeed the multi-player aspect must be up to par with Starcraft Broodwar, Blizzard is currently having difficulties with the latest version of and this is why it has been delayed till 2010. This single player stuff is nice to see but it is just a very small portion of what is in store for Starcraft 2.

Phenom IIs, Core I7-920 Win Out In Value Analysis 214

An anonymous reader writes "We've all seen processor benchmarks, but how do today's enthusiast CPUs look when you account for performance per dollar? Using a smorgasbord of charts, scatter plots, and performance tests, The Tech Report attempted to single out the highest-value offerings out of 16 popular Intel and AMD processors. The results might surprise you: AMD's 45nm Phenom IIs (both triple- and quad-core) prove to be strikingly competitive with Intel's Core 2 Quads. And, on the high end, Intel's $266 Core i7-920 turns out to be a compelling step up despite the higher costs of Core i7 platforms in general."

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