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Comment Apple ][ (Score 1) 857

Not the ][+, the original one. Would have been late 77 I think? After that we had a few go through the house over time ... A Franklin (Apple clone) that I remember having to insert the ROM chip into the motherboard for due to the legal wrangles the company was having with Apple, a VIC-20, and a TRS-8- Model 4 from my mom's work. The oddest piece I remember was a "hard drive" that was about 2 feet square by 6" high but I can't recall the capacity or where it came from. Then it was all-aboard the Apple train with a Mac 512 ... that's the one that started a streak of something like 20 different Apple machines owned.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy at it's finest (Score 1) 600

Unless my conspiracy theory holds true and Trump is secretly a Marxist.

I doubt it since he has a self-proclaimed Leninist on his staff (Bannon). Bannon stated to The Daily Beast in late 2013 “I’m a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” Does this mean either Trump or Bannon is going to wind up with an icepick in his head?

Comment Re:1000 years is a very long time (Score 1) 522

I got the general drift pretty much right, but did lose several thousand Edward the Confessor Sovereign eagle pennies on a stupid bet I made with an abbot on the outcome of the whole William/Harold dust-up in what was October of 1066. Harold trying that stupid surprise move ... idiot. But yeah, pretty much called it in a general way.

Submission + - Canada's police chiefs want new law to compel people to reveal passwords (www.cbc.ca)

DaveyJJ writes: CBC is reporting that the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, "...has passed a resolution calling for a legal measure to unlock digital evidence, saying criminals increasingly use encryption to hide illicit activities."

The chiefs are recommending new legislation that would force people to hand over their electronic passwords with a judge's consent. RCMP Assistant Commissioner Joe Oliver is using the usual scare tactics ... "child-molesters and mobsters live in the 'dark web'" ... in his statement today to drum up public support in his poorly rationalized privacy-stripping recommendation.

A few years ago, Canada's Supreme Court ruled that police must have a judge's order to request subscriber and customer information from ISPs, banks and others who have online data about Canadians. I guess that ruling isn't sitting too well with law enforcement and Canada's domestic spy agencies.

Comment "Give Google visibility into who's visiting..." (Score 4, Insightful) 72

From the engadget/Wired article ...

"To use Project Shield, a site has to give Google visibility into who's visiting -- something likely to rankle the company's privacy critics. But Google says that it'll only keep logs for two weeks, after which the data will be stored in aggregate and used to learn more about attacks. The company also notes that the data it collects won't be used in its advertising programs."

The company also notes that the data it collects won't be used in its advertising programs. [But by using Project Shield you and your agents and seven generation of your children's children agree and that we can change the Terms and Conditions of use, in a 64 page-long document of legalise, that only 1 in 100 people will ever read and/or notice, at any time.]"

Comment How about the US starts with ... sex! (Score 3, Insightful) 317

Instead of focus on CS, how about we start with something more fundamental ... a science-based and medically accurate, single term, comprehensive, across-the-nation, practical sex education course instead. That'd solve more social problems in the US than teaching a single term of CS. Lower rates of teen pregnancy, lower rates of STDs, healthier relationships, better understanding of the range of normal sexuality, etc. Despite the abstinence-only crap being taught in so many districts, the false info floating around about how one can get pregnant, and the fear-mongering, patriarchal religious nut sacks who equate teens who have had sex with used chewing gum and who think women should have no say in their sexuality, 97% of the population lose their virginity before they hit the age of 20. Maybe we should make sure people know about what the hell they are doing that before teaching CS?

Comment Re:Says you! (Score 1) 147

No it wouldn't get by. This exact practice has been ruled discriminatory in several cases. Several restaurants throughout the US over the past decade have found out that offering "10% off meal on Sunday's, when you bring in today's church bulletin" is a fast way to get a lawsuit happening and all of them have been forced to stop it. Offer 10% off to everybody or to nobody, but you can't offer pubic services to one group (Christians) and not the same to another group (anyone else who doesn't attend Sunday church) unless you're a private club. Again, it's a matter that if you offer something to the public, you can't pull this sort of discriminatory shenanigans.

Comment Re:Dear Government.... (Score 1) 421

The problem, Lumpy, is that stupid people often kill *other* people with their acts of stupidity. Whether it's mishandling a firearm, or in the area we're discussing, choosing to get themselves drunk then drive their pickup headfirst into a family's minivan as they try to make their way home from the bar/friends house. If this happens, and a drunk driver kills someone, who is responsible? Who should mete out punishment? What should that punishment be? What is a fair punishment society should impose on an idiot drunk driver? We can't even agree on that. I have no issue with stupid people doing dumb things that wind up killing themselves ... you want to waste your life, go ahead ... but what about when stupid people kill others too? 181 children were killed by drunk drivers in 2011. I'm not one to say "they had so many years of life ahead of them" because that's an illogical argument, but what should the punishment be for the stupid people who killed those kids?

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