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Journal Journal: Xerithane, 9.1 goodness, etc

Today: Mandrake 9.1 was released, I got it yesterday as rc-3 (yesterday morning, in fact), I posted quite a bit on that forum, and i read Xerithane's comment and made him my friend for it. I drove to class today, and parked in the EB lot, unfortunately the gates don't open until 9. So I was stuck in DECS waiting for 9 o'clock, and didn't do any studying. Slashdot was down for a while, i was looking for posts about mandrake's net install. I should have been studying for my SOC exam, but oh well.

So i'm sitting in Engineering Comp lab, and It's windows. so...IE crashes. netscape 4 crashes. mozilla doesn't install. Gaim for win (v.60a5) is stable and sweet, for msn and aim. phoenix installs, even if the moz doesn't. It needs a new name, i don't nominate "phallus" (see the poll on this subject at i think) but maybe minimoz or Stiny. Yeah...stiny...a la strongbad.

nuts. apparently a name has been chosen. Just not released yet. Which is good...they need a new version, as current/nightly is nice, while .5 is aging. Linux moves so fast...

So. mandrake 9.1. by the time it was released, i had already downloaded it, md5'd it, burned and installed it. roxxor. It's nice, fast (kde is tolerable on 300mhz k6-2, icewm+rxvt is probably flyin), and beautiful. Zeroconf (rendezvous for you mac people) is nice...yadda yadda yadda. I'll probably put it on the workstation later this week. man i'd like to have a new hard drive...

so i've got a lot of money. hard drives are cheap. i can get one from for less than $1/GB, if i'm willing to go for a 1yr warrantee. lame. I was looking at some WD special editions. oh baby. I just don't know.

Anyways, i should get studying. big exam tomorrow. love to you all, pray for our troops and the Iraqi's - and I sure hope Saddam's reign ends soon and with as little bloodshed as possible. if we could get a new iraq set would be awesome.
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Journal Journal: the new slashdot

Hrm. I seem to have a higher UID than before. perhaps because of the -> (new server) switch? I don't doesn't matter. *shrug.*

oh yeah, go over to and point and laugh and the FUD-spewing idiots. and notice that their MSSQL server is down once in a while, spewing errors into their pages. Open Source Code may always be in beta, but at least Slashcode works most of the time :P. lol.... is good too.
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Journal Journal: my updated life 2

well. Mandrake 8.2 ruled. mandrake 9.0 is nice, but I think i liked 8.2's package manager better. And dangit if it doesn't like it when I recompile the kernel. I think it's looking for modules - or something. I really should just write mandrake's people about it, maybe tomorrow. Classes are good, school's good, my roommate is 10X nicer than last year. i still don't have a tech job.

Slashdot still isnt perfect. I'm trying to be positive and useful - instead of just ranting. Life is great. linux is beautiful. but you shouldn't use it, unless you are really into computers. and willing to work at it. It's free money-wise, but not time-wise. and i'm not about world domination - too many idiots use it and think they are so l33t now...I'm all for few users, slow growth...and eventual world domination. *shrug*. Don't gorge the penguin. He's fat enough already.
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Journal Journal: read my journal. I HATE SLASHDOT 1

bsr. it's late. i'm tired. no one reads my journal. Linux eats windows for breakfast.

Sample linux commercial: A town is full of broken, opaque, MS-colored windows. maybe an occaisonal XP-hill window. all are breaking at random.

In walks Tux. he helps people fix the windows, a big stuff penguin kinda like the canadian bear from the Labatt blue commecrials. silly, but helpful and cute. or maybe just helping. Anyways - he puts in clear windows, with a little tux in the corner.

Tagline - linux - helping people see things clearly -

the reason why i hate slashdot is the stupid mods. they are nazis. yeah i know its karma but instead of moderating me, respond! make a new thread. not everything has to be completely on-topic, friendly, and useful. it can be good though. argh.

if you read this , respond cuz i doubt anyone does read it. give me some fait h in man. oh yeah. visit this site. note the URL. laugh.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: old topics

read some old topics. go to older stuff, pick a topic, and go to the very beginning. IE is funny, there are no comments posted to some of Taco's huh. and then read the first story on mandrake (formerly known as mcmillian-linux i see) is about how easy it is to use, and if you can upgrade from red hat...just like 8.2's current. and how super-geeks hate it ebcause it is easy. <sigh>...
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Journal Journal: I'm a loser

I'm a loser. I just got reading renehollan's journal, and his bio. he seems smart. he writes intelligent things. I just feel like a zealot to me when i read my posts. i'm tired. slashdot isn't good today. althought the office stuff looks interesting. maybe gobe will get my money. off to bed and seeing jessica early tomorrow.

Thanks God, for the good day. Thanks for helping me through it...give me blessings for tomorrow.


Journal Journal: Mandrake 8.2 is out! W000T!

w00t. linux-mandrake 8.2 is out. Where's my CD-burner??? Maybe i can borrow kaleb's.

I still haven't gotten X happy yet on my current installation of Mandrake 8.1. guess i'm not leet yet. But i've been printing off some linux tutorial stuff that will walk me through things. Thank goodness for free, unlimited printing at the university labs.

I've been especially interested in devices, binaries, file permissions, remote connections, and file structure. really curious, and want to become un-newbie. hopefully that will help...and i hope the documents aren't out of date.

Got some CSE 320 homework to do, and some statistics too. and I miss my girlfriend, Jessica - i didn't see her enough this weekend...and i really wanted too. but i'm feeling better - bombing yet another programming project made me quite sad, and frustrated..but talking to my girlfriend and my parents helped a lot.

Well..enough for my first journal. wonder if i'll ever do another.

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