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Comment Re:Its lawsuits not regulation, leads to kit aircr (Score 1) 473

It's the costs of labor and liability insurance that are fueling the move to experimental airplanes. (I know --- I'm building one.) The FAA doesn't put a huge amount of red tape in your way. The kicker: The first 25 to 40 hours of flight have to be made over "sparsely populated" areas, and you can't take any passengers. If the airplane doesn't fly right, you get to be the first (and hopefully only) one to find out the hard way. As in most such ventures, prudence trumps aggressiveness. Virtually everything that goes into an airplane requires hand work. The volumes are too small for mass-production of anything except stamped parts. Add it up: 1000 or 2000 hours of work to build an airplane with the burdened cost of labor, facilities, insurance, etc. etc., and you get small planes that cost as much as houses. An airplane engine will set you back $30-40 thousand. A full radio stack? Figure on $20,000 to start, and the sky's the limit. The volumes are tiny, and the non-recurring engineering (and liability) costs are huge. All of the parts need a paper trail. Everything done to an airplane must be logged and signed off. Experimental airplanes are cheaper (you do all the work, you do most of the maintenance, you take all the risk). Is there a downside? Yes; some folks are careless. Some folks aren't quick on the uptake. The accident rate proves it. But the big EXPERIMENTAL label shields designers and kit manufacturers from liability, which leaves no free lunches for attorneys, widows, or orphans. Yes, my insurance is paid up, and my estate plan is in place. I may be crazy, but I'm not careless.

Comment Nokia 920 phones distributed at MS Build 2012 (Score 2) 136

Strange. I was just at the 2012 Build conference in Redmond (hey, it's a job) and Microsoft gave each attendee both a Windows 8 ARM tablet and a Nokia 920 developer phone to help get folks interested in developing for the platforms. You want apps? Carpet bomb the developers.... There were a number of sessions devoted to Windows Phone 8 development, and reading between the lines implied that the WP8 SDK is almost there, but not quite. Cross-platform development (desktop - tablet - phone) is not friction-free. To Microsoft's credit they were up front about it. My take? The center of gravity for Nokia application development has moved to Redmond. I predict that lots of phone marketing cash will flow from Redmond as well. Is resistance (from Nokia) futile?

Submission + - The First iPhone App Development Reality Show (gizmodo.com)

ElliotLee writes: "The guys at Command Guru have assembled an international team of 10 programmers, from all around the world. They're developing an iPhone app from scratch in only 7 days, and streaming the whole thing live. They literally work as you watch. It's the world's first iPhone reality show. Video is streamed live until December 12. There has to be drama, right?"

Dead Space 2 Announced 56

Electronic Arts announced on Monday that their popular survival-horror game Dead Space is officially getting a sequel. According to the press release, it's being developed for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. There's speculation that Dead Space 2 may include some form of multiplayer, after an EA job opening was spotted on LinkedIn that mentioned multiplayer level design for the franchise.

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