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Submission + - School that expelled student hacker may have ignored 16-month-old security flaw (

tsamsoniw writes: "Hamed Al-Khaba has quickly become an icon among techies, having been expelled from Dawson College shortly after discovering and reporting a flaw in the school's student portal. But he did receive a warning that he would face expulsion if he tinkered with the vulnerability again. He ignored it, though, so some blames lies with him. Ironically, though, the school itself has some explaining to do about a Web server vulnerability that was reported over a year ago and never got fixed."

Submission + - A new GPS device for Runners/Cyclists (

Roger6969 writes: there's a cool new project running over at Kickstarter that may interest some of you: Leikr, a new watch for runners and cyclists with some impressive specs (such as a 2" screen and live maps from OSM). For all details head over to

Full disclosure: I'm not affiliated with Leikr, but I'm backing the project.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 3, Interesting) 237

I hate Unity but I love Gnome-shell. (No seriously) Tapping the top left corner to see the overview of apps per desktop, with my videos still playing while I choose which application to bring to the foreground with all its 3D acceleration glory. That's going to rock on a tablet. Then apt-get install whatever I want. Squeeeee!!! I want it. When Ubuntu with Gnome-shell hits an ARM based tablet or a Medfield Atom tablet, that's when I'm jumping in.

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