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Comment Re:arrgh (Score 0) 264

Premiere has been GPU-accelerated for a while now and has always been non-destructive. I've been using it since 4.2. I've also used the other main editors in the semi-pro market and I have no particular bias towards PPRO, I just find it frustrating to hear the misinformation that gets spread about it. I've actually come to prefer PPRO over the Final Cut offerings.

Comment Re:arrgh (Score 1) 264

I must be misunderstanding you or missing a troll or something. Are you talking about Adobe Premiere Pro? Because it sure doesn't work like that. In fact I've never heard of any video editing software that does. And I still can't imagine how a single edit could add a TB of data even if it did. My current video working drive is 1TB in total and I rarely get anywhere near capacity on it even if I'm working on several projects at once.

Comment It's true. I live it. (Score 1) 326

As an astronomy educator in New Zealand I encounter this almost daily - it's certainly not limited to America. Almost half the people I meet confuse astronomy with astrology. I'm often introduced as an astrologer. I even have friends who pause when they introduce me as they mentally make sure they're saying the right thing (they know from experience not to get it wrong). I think one possible cause could be the number of times people see the word "astrology" in daily life, vs the word "astronomy". "Astrology" is the more familiar brand and people instinctively lean towards the familiar word as correct.

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