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Journal Journal: I'm Feeling Lucky

I am now a Systems Administrator III for Google. I'll be moving to Mountain View and initially commuting back to MN until we get our life straightened out.

I am *so* not respecting the tech companies in this town. They just don't get it here in MN. Computers aren't just an expect you have to put up with, run by people who have a minimum X years of experience with A and Y of Z, and doing things the way management decides. Sigh.

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Journal Journal: Last week's meetup 1

Ok, I have to say that Pizza Luce sure was a lot better than the Loading Zone. Except for the fact that I had to pay $10 to park, because the Target Center had a Scorpion concert that night.

If only we had a decent venue that wasn't right downtown with lousy parking options. Maybe we should try Rock Bottom? I love their beer... they should have cheaper parking there?

BTW, we missed Some Woman. I think she must have been scolding her kid for skipping class.

Happy 03/03/03


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Journal Journal: First Post! (tm) 1

Okay, I finally decided to start using this journal thing.

So, I braved the subzero cold and attended my first Slashdot Meetup. I have been wanting to go for months (since they started) but have always been busy doing something else. You'd think me being laid off would allow me more free time.

All I have to say is: the venue rather sucked. I should have checked out what the venue actually *was* beforehand, as I was really in the mood for a drink. An gamer cafe/coffee shop is not what I had in mind. :-)

It would have been nice to have some food there and something fun to do. I concur with others who expressed doubt as to the, um, integrity of the venue selection process.

Anyway, "hi" to all the people who were there and are reading this. Add me as Friend if you like so I can find all of you. :-) (mwhahahaha)

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